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Today's random implausible lashup: NS 2745-FL 66566-CN 9530-NS 8421-CEFX 1059-BNSF 7212

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BerlinOne of the most storied cities I've visited, Berlin is the capital of the reunited Germany with many reminders of the Second World War and the Cold War everpresent in the city, a must-visit for any European traveler
DusseldorfDusseldorf is an industrial city in the Ruhr Valley.
FrankfurtFrankfurt is one of Europe's most important transportation hubs, with its airport the city's largest employer and the train station equally important to the domestic transportation system.
FuldaFulda is a regionally important city comparable in size to Guelph. It is best known in modern times as a strategic city in the Cold War that both NATO and the Soviet Union essentially had plans to destroy in the event that the war became hot.
HamburgHamburg is the second largest city in Germany, and has the country's largest seaport. It is also home to Miniatur Wunderland, the world's largest model train layout, an impressive site I highly recommend.
HanoverHanover is around an hour south of Hamburg.

KrefeldKrefeld is a small city between Dusseldorf and the Dutch border.
LuneburgLuneburg is just outside of Hamburg to the southeast.
ViersenViersen is north-west of Monchengladbach on the German-Dutch border.
WittenbergeHalf way between Hamburg and Berlin is Wittenberge. The area is full of large wind farms.