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Florida, USA

Key WestAt the southern tip of Florida, 90 miles off the coast of Cuba, was once the end of the Florida East Coast. The railway has been gone almost a century, but it remains a tourist town with plenty of road trains to entertain.
MiamiMiami has a surprising amount of rail, with FEC, CSX, and a variety of passenger services in a complex network through town.
OcalaOcala is home to the Florida Northern Railroad.
OrlandoThe home of Disney World and so many other attractions -- and an interesting selection of unusual trains...
Port CanaveralPort Canaveral is the cruise ship terminal near NASA's Kennedy Space Centre on the coast of Florida.
Port SalernoPort Salerno is a smaller community in Martin County and is where it all began for me. As a kid, my grandparents had a condo at Emerald Lakes on SE Cove Road where they wintered. Every Christmas, we would drive down as a family to visit them, and whenever I could I would take the bike down to the crossing and wait, hoping for a train on the FEC tracks. In all my Christmas holidays of doing that, I never once saw a train there, though did once chat with a track foreman who got off to inspect why his truck had triggered the crossing gates. All night long I would hear trains pass and so the next day I would try again...
Saint Augustine(map) Saint Augustine is an hour south of Jacksonville on the Florida East Coast.
StuartStuart is in Martin County on the FEC and home to a peculiar roundabout with the railway through the middle and the Stuart drawbridge on the railway, both of which I have not yet photographed but have seen.
TitusvilleTitusville is a bit north of Cocoa near the Kennedy Space Centre along the FEC.
West Palm BeachWest Palm Beach needs no introduction and is along the Florida East Coast, also served by several passenger services.