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Aldershot, Ontario(map) This is the region between the (abandonned) Burlington West train station and Bayview Junction.
Alliston, Ontario(map) Alliston is mile 44 of the CP Mactier sub and hosts a large but mostly inaccessible Honda factory.
Alma, QuebecAlma is a city on Lac-Saint-Jean, serviced by the Roberval-Saguenay Railway, owned by Rio Tinto Alcan.
Ardrossan, AlbertaArdrossan is just outside of Edmonton on the Wainwright sub.
Arkell, Ontario(map) Arkell is between Guelph and Guelph Junction on the ex-Goderich sub of the Guelph Junction Railway now serviced by the Ontario Southland Railway. Moffat is between Arkell and Guelph Junction.
Aston-Jonction, QuebecAston-Jonction is a junction along the Drummondville sub south-east of Trois-Rivieres.
Auld's Cove, Nova ScotiaAuld's Cove is the mainland side of the Cape Breton causeway.
Ayr, Ontario(map) Ayr is between Wolverton and Cambridge on the CP Galt sub and houses a small backtrack yard and the Ayr Pit Spur.
Baie Comeau, Quebecmap) Baie Comeau is about five hours east of Quebec City and two and a half hours west of Sept-Iles along the north shore of the Saint-Lawrence. It has a disconnected chunk of the QNS&L railway that goes from the harbour to the industrial park only.
Bathurst, New BrunswickBathurst is on the south shore of the Baie des Chaleurs in northern New Brunswick.
Bayview Junction, Ontario(map) This is where the CN Oakville, CN Grimsby, and CN Dundas subdivisions meet at a great big wye, beside which is the CP Hamilton sub. This location encompasses CN Bayview Junction, Hamilton West, and Hamilton Junction.
Beachville, Ontario(map) Beachville is between Woodstock and Ingersoll on the CP St. Thomas sub.
Beaconsfield, Quebec(map) My uncle used to live in Beaconsfield near the tracks. When I visited him when I was a kid I could watch the CN and CP trains go by quite often, and I learned about a pedestrian overpass there at the time. It is a great spot with a lot of traffic and CN and CP are closer in a way that is visible than anywhere else I know.
Beaujeu, Quebec(map) De Beaujeu is the site of the Via Alexandria sub and CP Winchester sub Beaujeu diamond and connecting track, a few minutes North of Coteau.
Belleville, Ontario(map) CN and CP are roughly parallel through Belleville. The CN Kingston sub and the CP Belleville sub head through the city, crossing just East of the city where the Belleville sub swings North to Smiths Falls.
Blenheim, Ontario(map) Blenheim is South-East of Chatham and just South of the Canada Southern (CASO) sub with only two remaining industries.
Bolton, Ontario(map) Bolton is the start of the OCS heading northbound on the CP Mactier sub, just on the outer limits of the Greater Toronto Area to the north.
Boyne, Ontario(map) Boyne is in the countryside just South of Milton on the CN Halton sub.
Brampton, Ontario(map) Brampton is mile 15 of the CN Halton sub and mile 8 of the Orangeville-Brampton Railway (OBRY) shortline.
Brantford, Ontario(map) This is the home of the Southern Ontario Railway, part of the large-and-growing family of Rail America, and also houses the CN Dundas sub. It is between Paris and Hamilton.
Breslau, Ontario(map) This is a small town between Guelph and Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph Sub.
Brockville, OntarioBrockville is the origin of the CP Brockville sub that Via uses to get from the CN Kingston sub to Smiths Falls and on to Ottawa.
Burlington, Ontario(map) The city of Burlington has a population of about 150,000 people and is just to the East of Hamilton. It is also home to Burlington West and Aldershot.
Burlington West, Ontario(map) This is between Burlington and Aldershot on the CN Oakville sub, where the CN Halton sub merges in.
Cambridge, Ontario(map) Cambridge is the home of Babcock and Wilcox, Toyota, the CP Waterloo sub, the CP Galt sub, the CN ex-Fergus sub and a lot of trains.
Campbellton, New Brunswick(map) Campbellton is at the mouth of the Baie des Chaleurs on the New Brunswick-Quebec border.
Caplan, Quebec(map) Caplan is on the north shore of the Baie des Chaleurs on the Chemin de Fer de GaspÃ.
Capreol, Ontario(map) Capreol is about half an hour North of Sudbury and is the crewchange point for CN trains crossing between the Bala and Ruel subs.
Cardinal, OntarioCardinal, Ontario is just east of the 416/401 interchange. The CASCO plant is serviced daily by a private operator connecting to CN.
Carvel, AlbertaCarvel is about 30 miles west of Edmonton on the Edson sub.
Cecile, Quebec(map) Cecile is the Junction of the CSX Montreal Sub and the CN Valleyfield sub near Valleyfield, Quebec.
Chatham, Ontario(map) Chatham hosts the CSX Sarnia sub's diamonds with the CP Windsor sub and the CN/VIA Chatham sub, and the CSX Sarnia sub's interchange with CP.
Clinton, Ontario(map) Clinton is the junction of the GEXR Goderich and Exeter subdivisions, a few miles south of Goderich.
Cobourg, Ontario(map) Cobourg is about the mid-point of the CN Kingston sub and CP Belleville sub's roughly parallel running between Belleville, and Newtonville. At the station, the North side of the parking lot has the Kingston sub and a small yard and wye, and on the South side of the parking lot is the CP Belleville sub, with a yard visible a little ways East.
Colborne, OntarioColborne is between Cobourg and Belleville on the CN Kingston and CP Belleville subs.
Copetown, Ontario(map) Copetown is the top of Dundas hill. Trains line up at the top as people would at a waterslide, and other trains slowly grind their way up the hill. It's just to the East of Brantford.
Cornwall, OntarioCornwall is about 30 km into Ontario from the Quebec border coming out of Montreal on the CN Kingston sub.
Corunna, Ontario(map) Corunna is the first town South of Sarnia on the CSX Sarnia sub.
Corwhin, Ontario(map) Corwhin is between Moffat and Arkell on the ex-Goderich sub (Guelph Junction Railway) now serviced by the Ontario Southland Railway.
Côteau, Quebec(map) Coteau is the junction of the CN Valleyfield sub which connects the CN Kingston sub to the CSX Montreal sub, the CN Kingston sub, and the CN Alexandria sub to Ottawa. It is just a few minutes East of the Ontario/Quebec border, just off exit 12 of highway 20.
Courtright, Ontario(map) Courtright is opposite St. Clair on the St. Clair river and is just South of Corunna on the CSX Sarnia sub.
Creditville, Ontario(map) The CN Dundas sub heads through this community locked between the 401 and the 403. The track is perfectly straight for several miles and with binoculars several signals can be seen at once far into the distance.
Dorchester, New BrunswickDorchester is south of Moncton along the CN.
Dorion, Quebec(map) The CP Veaudreuil sub turns into the CP Winchester sub and junctions with the M&O sub, and the whole collection diverges from the CN Kingston sub after several miles of parallel running at Dorion, just off the Island of Montreal on highway 20 to the west.
Dorval, QuebecHome of Taschereau yard, and popular railfan location Dorval Via station. CN and CP are parallel and busy and Dorval airport is visible in the background.
Dresden, Ontario(map) Dresden is between Wallaceburg and Chatham on the CSX Sarnia sub, though not geographically. The track makes a sharp 90 degree turn here to head to both neighbouring communities.
Drumbo, Ontario(map) North-West of Brantford, Drumbo is the site of the long-abandonned Drumbo sub, but the CP Galt sub passes near town and it has a couple of good spots to shoot from.
Drummondville, QuebecDrummondville is between Quebec and Montreal on the south shore along the CN.
Dublin, OntarioDublin is between Stratford and Goderich on the Goderich subdivision.
Edmonton, AlbertaEdmonton is the capital of Alberta and a very busy railroad city.
Entwistle, AlbertaEntwistle is at the east end of Chip Lake about half way between Edson and Edmonton on the Edson sub.
Fargo, Ontario(map) CN Fargo is the junction between the CSX Sarnia sub and the CN CaSo sub between Blenheim and Chatham.
Farnham, Quebec(map) Just East of St-Jean and a little under an hour from Montreal, Farnham hosts the Montreal, Maine, and Atlantic. MMA tracks leave Farnham in five directions, but no other rail companies have tracks to the town.
Finch, Ontario(map) The CP Winchester sub spans from the end of the Veaudreuil sub out of Montreal to Smiths Falls. Finch is roughly 20 miles East of Smiths Falls on the Winchester sub.
Flamborough, Ontario(map) This is a community at the top of the Hamilton sub between Waterdown and Guelph Junction. It is technically part of Hamilton, as a result of the amalgamations.
Foleyet, OntarioFoleyet is east of Hornepayne on the CN.
Gaspe, Quebec

Gatineau, Quebec(map) Immediately across the border from Ottawa, Gatineau contains the formerly independent city of Hull and houses the Quebec-Gatineau Railway (QGRY) and Hull, Chelsea, and Wakefield (HCW) scenic steam railway.
Georgetown, Ontario(map) Georgetown's CN Silver is the site of the junction between CN's Halton sub and the CN-owned, GEXR-rented Guelph sub. It is between Guelph and Brampton on highway 7.
Geraldton, OntarioGeraldton is not far west of Longlac on the CN.
Glen Robertson, OntarioGlen Robertson is the junction of the OCRR's Hawksbury line and the VIA Alexandria sub, at mile 15 of the latter.
Grimsby, Ontario(map) Grimsby is around 20 km from Hamilton in the direction of Niagara on the CN Grimsby subdivision.
Guelph, Ontario(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.
Guelph Junction, Ontario(map) Technically Campbellville, Guelph Junction is the junction of the Guelph Junction Railway -- currently serviced by OSR -- the CP Hamilton sub, and the CP Galt sub. It is between Milton and Galt on the CP Galt sub.
Halifax, Nova ScotiaHalifax is the capital of Nova Scotia.
Hamilton, Ontario(map) Hamilton Ontario is an industrial region on the tip of lake Ontario.
Hay Lakes, AlbertaHay Lakes is on the Camrose sub between Camrose and Edmonton.
Hervey Junction, Quebec(map) Hervey Junction is the connection of the CN Lac St Jean and CN La Tuque subdivisins north-east of Garneau Yard and Shawinigan.
Hespeler, Ontario(map) Hespeler is between the cities of Cambridge and Guelph and is home to the Fergus subdivision, a once-busy freight line from Brantford to Palmerston and beyond, now extending only from Cambridge to Guelph.
Hillsboro, New BrunswickHillsboro is the home of the New Brunswick Railway Museum, not far from Hopewell Rocks.
Hornepayne, OntarioHornepayne is on the CN north-east of Lake Superior.
Hyde Park, Ontario(map) Between Komoka and London, Hyde Park offers an excellent railfanning site. A single-lane wood bridge crosses both the CP Windsor and CN Strathroy subs on Denfield Road.
Ingersoll, Ontario(map) The CN Dundas, the CP St. Thomas, and the OSR Port Burwell subs are very active through Ingersoll, with the CP Galt sub just to the North in Zorra.
Iroquois, OntarioIngleside, Ontario, is near Morrisburg on the CN Kingston sub.
Inglewood, Ontario(map) Inglewood is a town in the middle of the OBRY's trackage between Orangeville and Brampton, and is a key location for most OBRY excursions.
Innisfree, AlbertaInnisfree is between Vegreville and Vermillion on the CN Vegreville subdivision.
Jasper, AlbertaCovering all of Jasper National Park in Alberta.
Jordan, OntarioJordan is the east end of the Jordan-Nelles Road single track on the CN Grimsby sub.
Kent Bridge, Ontario(map) Kent Bridge is the site of a siding on the CP Windsor sub just to the East of Chatham. The town itself is not much larger than one intersection.
Killean, Ontario(map) This is CP's name for the passing track at Cambridge on the CP Galt sub.
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario(map) Kitchener-Waterloo is on the the GEXR Guelph sub between Guelph and Stratford. The GEXR Elmira spur heads North to service Elmira and the CP Waterloo sub out of Cambridge joins the GEXR Huron Park spur for interchange traffic here.
Komoka, Ontario(map) This is where the CP Windsor, CN Strathroy, and CN Chatham subs meet just West of London.
L'Islet, Quebec(map) L'Islet is on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence about an hour east of Quebec City.
Lac-aux-Sables, Quebec(map) Lac-aux-Sables is just east of Hervey Junction on the CN Lac St Jean subdivision.
Lancaster, OntarioLancaster is a small town at exit 814 of the 401 just a few kilometers short of the Quebec border along the CN Kingston sub.
Lavoy, AlbertaLavoy is just east of Vegreville on the Vegreville sub.
London, Ontario(map) The home of EMD, the plant responsible for a lot of the large engines we see on the rails today, London hosts the West end of the GEXR Guelph sub at the CN yard where the CN Dundas sub joins the CN Strathroy and CN Talbot subs, CP's yard, and the CP Windsor and Galt subs.
Longlac, OntarioLonglac is north of Thunder Bay about half way between Sudbury and Winnipeg on the CN.
Louisbourg, Nova ScotiaLouisbourg is half an hour south-east of Sydney, has a large historic military fortress and boasted the best meal of our trip at a local seafood shop, as well as a small railway museum.
Lynden, Ontario(map) This town is East of Brantford on the CN Dundas sub and once hosted the South end of the CN Fergus sub.
Magnolia Bridge, AlbertaMagnolia Bridge is a large bridge over highway 16 between Gainford and Entwistle on the CN Edson sub.
Mansewood, Ontario(map) Mansewood is a nice open spot with nowhere really good to park near the tracks. It is immediately North of Milton and South of Scotch Block on the CN Halton sub.
Marlboro, AlbertaMarlboro is to the west of Edson and just west of Bickerdike on the CN Edson sub.
Masson, QuebecMasson is between Gatineau and Thurso on the QGRY Lachute subdivision and is the site of a large rail using facility with two dedicated QGRY engines to service the area.
Matane, Quebec(map) Matane is on the south shore of the Saint-Lawrence and is the landing point for the CN railcar ferry from Baie Comeau.
Matapedia, Quebec(map) Matapedia is at the end of the Restigouche River at the mouth of the Baie des Chaleurs and is the junction of the CN and the CFG.
Melrose, Ontario(map) The CP Belleville sub out of Smiths Falls comes through Melrose on its way West toward Toronto.
Merrickville, OntarioMerrickville is a lively small town between Highway 416 and Smith's Falls on the CP Winchester subdivision.
Metabetchuan-Lac-a-la-Crois, Quebec

Milton, Ontario(map) This is where the CN Halton and the CP Galt subs cross eachother, though there is no junction.
Miramichi, New BrunswickMiramichi is on the east coast of New Brunswick along the CN.
Mississauga, Ontario(map) This is a large city to the West of Toronto, rather saturated with tracks.
Mitchell, Ontario(map) Mitchell is between Seaforth and Stratford on the GEXR Goderich sub.
Moffat, Ontario(map) Moffat is between Guelph and Guelph Junction on the ex-Goderich sub now serviced by the Ontario Southland Railway. Arkell is between Moffat and Guelph.
Moncton, New Brunswick(map) Moncton is the largest city in New Brunswick and has a significant CN yard, where the transfer to the NBSR at Saint John originates.
Monkland, OntarioMonkland is midway between the 417 and the 401 on the 138 which connects Ottawa to Cornwall. The CP Winchester sub passes through this small community.
Notre-Dame-de-Montauban, Quebec(map) Notre-Dame-de-Montauban is just east of Lac-aux-Sables and Hervey Junction on the CN Lac St Jean subdivsion.
Montreal, QuebecMontreal is the junction point of the CP, AMT, CN.
Mooretown, Ontario(map) Mooretown is a smaller town between the small towns of Corunna and Courtright on the CSX Sarnia sub.
Mount Elgin, OntarioMount Elgin is between Salford and Tillsonburg on the OSR Port Burwell sub.
Mount Pleasant, Ontario(map) Mount Pleasant is a GO station between Georgetown and Brampton on the CN Halton sub.
Newtonville, Ontario(map) This community is about an hour East of Toronto. Through the area the CP Belleville sub from Toronto to Montreal, and the CN Kingston sub on the same routes run parallel.
Nissouri, Ontario(map) Begin/end CTC sign Nissouri is just to the West of Thamesford on rural highway #2, centred between Zorra, London, and Ingersoll.
North Bay, Ontario(map) North Bay is the home base of both the Ottawa Valley Railway and Ontario Northland, about an hour and a quarter East of Sudbury. It is not a busy railway town and not worth an independent trip to railfan, but has interesting equipment and trains to shoot if you're in the area.
Oakville, Ontario(map) Oakville has a large Ford plant and is the site of the Oakville sub.
Oshawa, Ontario(map) Oshawa is home to the GO subdivision, the CN Kingston sub, the CP Belleville sub, and numerous large railroad-using industries.
Ottawa, Ontario(map) Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is home to the O-trains, a busy Via station, and the Ottawa Central.
Palgrave, OntarioPalgrave is one siding North of Bolton on the CP Mactier sub.
Paris, Ontario(map) Paris is just West of Brantford on the CN Dundas sub and was once the site of the junction between the Dundas sub and the completely defunct Drumbo sub that connected Paris and Stratford. There's also a large trestle in Paris.
Parry Sound, Ontario(map) Parry Sound is about 220 km North of Toronto on highway 400, which is itself still under construction. CP and CN's tracks are very close on both sides of town and in a few places nearby and a thousand-foot bridge through town on the CP adds to the general railfan appeal of the location.
Pickering, OntarioPickering is the site of Liverpool Junction, where the CN York sub merges in with the CN Kingston sub.
Plaisance, QuebecPlaisance is between Montebello and Thurso on the QGRY Lachute subdivision.
Port-Daniel-Gascons, Quebec(map) Port-Daniel-Glascon is along the north shore of the Baie des Chaleurs on the CFG tourist track between Matapedia and Gaspe.
Port Elmsley, Ontario(map) Port Elmsley is a community between Perth and Smiths Falls, Ontario and hosts the CP Belleville sub.
Princeton, Ontario(map) Princeton is between Creditville and Paris on the CN Dundas sub, at about mile 37.
Puslinch, Ontario(map) This community straddles highway 401 from West of Guelph Junction to Killean on the CP Galt sub.
Quebec City, QuebecQuebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec. It is the eastern limit of the Quebec-Gatineau Railway (QGRY) as well as having significant CN and Via service.
Ranfurly, AlbertaRanfurly is just west of Innisfree on the Vegreville sub.
Rivière Beaudette, QuebecRivière-Beaudette is a small Ontario-Quebec border town found at exit 2 of highway 20.
Rivière-à-Pierre, Quebec(map) Rivière-à-Pierre is north-east of Hervey Junction on the CN Lac St Jean subdivision.
Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec(map) Riviere-du-Loup is the highway junction of the 20 and the 85, splitting between the Gaspe and New Brunswick.
Rockwood, Ontario(map) The town of Rockwood is between Guelph and Georgetown on the GEXR Guelph sub.
Sackville, New BrunswickSackville is on the north-eastern tip of the Bay of Fundy near the Nova Scotia border along the CN.
Saint-Bruno, QuebecSaint-Bruno is the connection point between the RS line to Alma and the CN.
Saint-Hilaire, QuebecSaint-Hilaire is immediately outside of Montreal on the CN toward Quebec.
Saint-Hyacinthe, QuebecSaint-Hyacinthe is just east of Montreal on the CN toward Quebec City.
Saint-Lambert, QuebecSaint-Lambert is the community at the south-shore end of the Victoria Bridge on the CN out of Montreal.
Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QuebecSaint-Bruno is just east of the Victoria Bridge outside of Montreal along the CN.
Saint John, New BrunswickOn the north side of the Bay of Fundy, Saint John is the junction of the Canadian National and the New Brunswick Southern.
Salford, OntarioSalford is the home of OSR's Port Burwell sub shops just south of Ingersoll.
Sarnia, Ontario(map) Sarnia has an absolutely massive CN freight yard. It also has the St. Clair tunnel across to Port Huron, CSX traffic, and a gaggle of running rights.
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanSaskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan and is a regional rail hub.
Scotch Block, Ontario(map) Scotch Block is an excellent photography location at mp 30.0 CN Halton sub, between Milton and Georgetown.
Seaforth, Ontario(map) Seaforth is the last town before Clinton and Clinton Junction on the GEXR Goderich sub.
Sebringville, OntarioSebringville is the first town north of Stratford on the GEXR Goderich sub.
Sept-Iles, Quebec(map) Sept-Iles is the last large community before highway 138 ends along the north shore of the St-Lawrence river. It hosts the Quebec, North Shore, and Labrador and the Tshiuetin Railway to Schefferville.
Shawinigan, Quebec(map) Shawinigan and Grand-Mère are the site of CN Garneau Yard which is the junction of the CN Joliette and CN Lac St Jean subdivisions as well as several large aluminium and paper facilities.
Smiths Falls, Ontario(map) The junction of the Ottawa Valley Railway, the Ottawa Central Rail Road, the CP Brockville sub, the CP Belleville sub, and the CP Winchester sub is a busy place indeed. There is a large yard in the historical railway city, a museum, and all CP traffic between Montreal and Toronto, and Montreal and out West.
Sombra, Ontario(map) Sombra is South of Courtright and North of Port Lambton and Wallaceburg on the CSX Sarnia sub.
Speyside, Ontario(map) Speyside is a small community with a siding on the CN Halton sub, between Milton and Georgetown, just North (East, in track terms) of Scotch Block.
St-Leonard-d'Aston, QuebecSt-Leonard is south of Trois-Rivieres along the Drummondville sub on the south shore.
Ste-Thècle, Quebec(map) Ste-Thècle is the first siding west of Hervey Junction on the CN Lac St Jean subdivison.
St. Cloud, Ontario(map) St. Cloud (including Wanup, and Waterfall station name signs) are just outside of Sudbury to the South and is the site of the diamond and directional-running interconnection between CN and CP.
St. Mary's, OntarioSt. Marys is between Stratford and London on the GEXR Guelph sub.
St. Thomas, Ontario(map) St. Thomas is just South of London and is the end of the line for the CP St. Thomas, CN Talbot, and CN Payne subs. It is also serviced by Trillium Railway, sees NS trains 327/328 and once had the CASO sub passing through it with US through-traffic.
Ste-Angèle-de-Pr/©mon, QuebecSte-Angele-de-Premont is just north-east of Ste-Ursule.
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QuebecSte-Anne-de-Bellevue is the western end of Montreal's West Island.
Ste-Ursule, QuebecSte-Ursule is the site of a provincial park and a huge viaduct west of Trois-Rivieres.
Ste-Thérèse, Quebec(map) This was the site of a GM car factory that manufactured the Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird until the end of 2003. It has since been torn down, though there is still a large CP yard there that interchanges between them and the QGRY. It also houses several Montreal transit commuter trains.
Stratford, Ontario(map) Stratford lies between Kitchener-Waterloo and London on the GEXR Guelph sub and is the home of Cowie junction, where the GEXR Goderich sub begins.
Strathcona County, AlbertaStrathcona County is the rural area east of Edmonton along the Wainwright sub.
Strathroy, Ontario(map) Strathroy, Ontario is the namesake of the CN Strathroy sub, between London and Sarnia.
Sudbury, Ontario(map) Sudbury is a large railway town of around 160,000 people about 4 hours North of Toronto, sporting CP, CN, Huron Central, Inco Railway, and OVR. It is difficult to spit in Sudbury without hitting a train.
Thorold, Ontario(map) Thorold is between the QEW and Welland on the 406 on the Niagara Penninsula and hosts one of Canada's few remaining street running lines where Trillum Railway (PCHR) switches an industry.
Thurso, QuebecThurso is the present eastern end of the western half of Autoroute 50 and is the western most point of the western run of the QGRY out of Ste-Therese (traffic further west is handled by a local road switcher). There is a large lumber facility with its own switcher.
Tilbury, Ontario(map) Tilbury is home to Canada's last serviceable wig-wags on the CN Canada Southern (CASO) sub and is not really close to very much between Windsor and Fargo.
Tofield, AlbertaTofield is a town about 40 minutes east of Edmonton on the Wainwright sub.
Toronto, Ontario(map) The capital of Ontario, this city has a number of very busy lines and yards on both the CP and CN networks.
Tottenham, OntarioTottenham is the home of the South Simcoe Railway, a tourist line that passes under the Mactier sub between Palgrave and Alliston.
Trois-Rivières, QuebecTrois-Rivieres is mid way between Montreal and Quebec City on the north shore of the St-Lawrence river, along the QGRY.
Truro, Nova ScotiaTruro is at the eastern tip of the Bay of Fundy and is the junction of the CN and CBNS.
Tupperville, Ontario(map) Tupperville is a small town between Wallaceburg and Dresden on the CSX Sarnia sub.
Vaughan, Ontario(map) Vaughan is just South of Bolton on the CP Mactier sub and is host to CP's Vaughan Intermodal Terminal.
Vegreville, AlbertaAn hour east of Edmonton on the subdivision of the same name, Vegreville is home to a gigantic easter egg next to a preserved caboose alongside the tracks.
Verdun, Quebec(map) Verdun is just to the South-West of downtown Montreal on the island. It hosts a number of CN tracks and the Via Montreal Maintenance Centre.
Wakefield, Quebec(map) 35 km north of Hull (Gatineau) is the small tourist town of Wakefield, the end of the line for the Hull, Chelsea, and Wakefield steam excursion line, which runs Swedish railway equipment up to Wakefield and back every Sunday through the summer months, among other runs.
Wallaceburg, Ontario(map) Wallaceburg is the site of a still serviceable swing-bridge on the CSX Sarnia sub North-West of Chatham.
Washago, Ontario(map) Washago is a small town at the junction of the CN Newmarket sub to North Bay, and the CN Bala sub between Toronto and Capreol. It is about half an hour North of Barrie.
Waterdown, Ontario(map) This town is at the top of the hill coming out of Hamilton on the CP Hamilton sub.
Welland, Ontario(map) Welland is the home of the Welland Canal, Trillium Railway and much of the chaos that is Niagara-area rail lines.
Winchester, OntarioThe namesake of the CP Winchester subdivision, Winchester is on County Road 31 (Bank St) south of Ottawa.
Woodstock, Ontario(map) The CP Galt and CN Dundas subs meet here, as do highways 401 and 403. It is a busy place.
Yonge Mills, OntarioYonge Mills is a little bit west of Brockville on the CN Kingston sub.
Ypres, OntarioYpres is the first siding north of Alliston, at around mile 51 of the Mactier sub.
Zimmerman, Ontario(map) Zimmerman is in the countryside just South of Boyne, which is in turn just South of Milton, on the CN Halton sub.
Zorra, Ontario(map) Just outside of Ingersoll is Zorra Station. It contains a large Lafarge plant and the CP Galt sub.