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Lynden, Ontario

(map) This town is East of Brantford on the CN Dundas sub and once hosted the South end of the CN Fergus sub.

Top photos and videos from Lynden, Ontario

Lynden_01.07.03_3322.jpg 354 Lynden_01.07.03_3320.jpg 127 Lynden_11.03.07_1135.jpg 97 Lynden_01.07.03_3321.jpg 81 Lynden_01.07.03_3345.jpg 79 Lynden_01.07.03_3331.jpg 77 Lynden_01.07.03_3348.jpg 74 Lynden_01.07.03_3323.jpg 74 Lynden_01.07.03_3329.jpg 70 Lynden_01.07.03_3350.jpg 66

Lynden, Ontario
July 29, 2010 We took off after CN 396 with an EJE unit catching it at Lynden Junction and again at Aldershot station.
March 11, 2007 Jay warned me about a CP #244 coming wtih CP 8798 leading. Wanting my 100th GEVO, I went for it, shortly finding CP #424 behind it with 6 units, 3 of them some of the less than 20 remaining CP 56xx SD40-2s, then getting CP #159 and #243 block on block westbound. We then headed down to Hamilton West for CN #394 with BNSF-CSXT power, CN #384 with two dimensionals, and migrated westward to Copetown following a CN #547 off to rescue a stalled CN #385, which met #330 at Copetown West before #547 cut off to go back to work at Aldershot. We then moved a couple of miles west, catching CN #385 and CN #394 by the detector at Lynden and finished off the day by checking out the current selection of power parked at Aberdeen yard.
July 01, 2003 Canada Day 2003, we went on a large circle route catching both CP and CN over the course of several hours.