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Top photos from October 31st, 2007

Corwhin_31.10.07_8339.jpg 62 Corwhin_31.10.07_8341.jpg 58 Corwhin_31.10.07_8343.jpg 51 Corwhin_31.10.07_8342.jpg 47 Corwhin_31.10.07_8337.jpg 46 Corwhin_31.10.07_8338.jpg 41 Corwhin_31.10.07_8340.jpg 40

October 31st, 2007

OSR ran an extra up to Guelph with just 506 and CP 24, a heavy coach. I took a few minutes to shoot it at Corwhin.

Corwhin, Ontario

(map) Corwhin is between Moffat and Arkell on the ex-Goderich sub (Guelph Junction Railway) now serviced by the Ontario Southland Railway.

A George Brown College extra heads for Guelph Junction.

Corwhin_31.10.07_8337.jpg 46 Corwhin_31.10.07_8338.jpg 41 Corwhin_31.10.07_8339.jpg 62 Corwhin_31.10.07_8340.jpg 40 Corwhin_31.10.07_8341.jpg 58 Corwhin_31.10.07_8342.jpg 47 Corwhin_31.10.07_8343.jpg 51