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Top photos from August 31st, 2007

Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7827.jpg 80 Groton_31.08.07_7863.jpg 75 Groton_31.08.07_7869.jpg 57 Branford_31.08.07_7775.jpg 56 Branford_31.08.07_7778.jpg 53 Groton_31.08.07_7884.jpg 43 Branford_31.08.07_7782.jpg 39 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7828.jpg 35 Groton_31.08.07_7867.jpg 32 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7787.jpg 27

August 31st, 2007

We woke up in West Haven, Connecticut and after a brief exploration of New Haven decided it was a bit too urban for our schedule or taste, so we proceeded east along the electric line out, stopping at Bradford to go into the station there. As we parked an Amtrak electric (other than Acela) passed. We waited on the platform about 15 minutes and an Acela train passed. We continued eastward toward New London where we wanted to find the NECR/PWRR interchange, but got distracted by switching sounds in Old Saybrook where we got off the I-95 and found not one but two Providence and Worcester trains switching, as well as our second Acela for the day. We checked the Amtrak schedule and found no trains coming for about 20 minutes, so we took advantage to go east to New London with a train coming to shoot there. We crossed directly into Groton on the far side of the river through town and quickly found a wide open public parking lot facing a railway drawbridge where we waited for the Amtrak train we knew we were ahead of. We heard it coming around the corner on the other side of the river and watched it stop at Union Station and then one of the PWRR trains we had seen switching Old Saybrook crossed the bridge ahead of the Amtrak. After that we were out of time and headed north to Worcester to meet a friend before continuing on to Brattleboro, Vermont.

Branford, Connecticut

Branford is a small town just east of New Haven, Connecticut along the lakeshore commuter (Providence and Worcester) line.

Branford_31.08.07_7768.jpg 18 Branford_31.08.07_7769.jpg 19 Branford_31.08.07_7770.jpg 22 Branford_31.08.07_7771.jpg 7 Branford_31.08.07_7772.jpg 5 Branford_31.08.07_7773.jpg 6 Branford_31.08.07_7774.jpg 5 Branford_31.08.07_7775.jpg 56 Branford_31.08.07_7776.jpg 8 Branford_31.08.07_7777.jpg 14 Branford_31.08.07_7778.jpg 53 Branford_31.08.07_7779.jpg 15 Branford_31.08.07_7782.jpg 39 Branford_31.08.07_7783.jpg 13 Branford_31.08.07_7784.jpg 4 Branford_31.08.07_7785.jpg 12

Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Old Saybrook is the site of a wye and small yard at an Amtrak station most of the way to New London from New Haven.

Two Providence and Worcester trains switch along the same track as an Acela passes through the station.

Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7786.jpg 7 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7787.jpg 27 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7788.jpg 16 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7789.jpg 6 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7790.jpg 8 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7791.jpg 8 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7792.jpg 8 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7793.jpg 15 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7794.jpg 9 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7795.jpg 8 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7796.jpg 16 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7797.jpg 8 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7798.jpg 7 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7799.jpg 13 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7800.jpg 8 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7801.jpg 6 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7802.jpg 17 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7803.jpg 12 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7804.jpg 12 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7805.jpg 5 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7806.jpg 13 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7807.jpg 9 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7808.jpg 4 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7809.jpg 11 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7810.jpg 4 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7811.jpg 7 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7812.jpg 5 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7813.jpg 6 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7814.jpg 12 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7815.jpg 7 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7816.jpg 6 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7817.jpg 9 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7818.jpg 6 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7819.jpg 5 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7820.jpg 8 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7821.jpg 5 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7822.jpg 5 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7823.jpg 7 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7824.jpg 7 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7825.jpg 8 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7826.jpg 26 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7827.jpg 80 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7828.jpg 35 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7829.jpg 14 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7830.jpg 9 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7831.jpg 8 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7832.jpg 7 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7833.jpg 5 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7834.jpg 7 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7835.jpg 7 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7836.jpg 8 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7837.jpg 5 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7838.jpg 9 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7839.jpg 7 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7840.jpg 6 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7841.jpg 8 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7842.jpg 9 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7843.jpg 10 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7844.jpg 9 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7845.jpg 10 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7846.jpg 20 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7847.jpg 7 Old_Saybrook_31.08.07_7848.jpg 8

Groton, Connecticut

New London is on the west side of a channel and Groton is on the east along the south coast of Connecticut. It is the site of an easily accessible railway draw bridge along the Providence and Worcester as well of a small wye. New London also hosts the New England Central's southern limits and their interchange with the Providence and Worcester.

The bridge over the channel between New London and Groton Connecticut drops to allow a push-pull Providence and Worcester and an Electric Amtrak train to pass.

Groton_31.08.07_7849.jpg 18 Groton_31.08.07_7850.jpg 8 Groton_31.08.07_7851.jpg 6 Groton_31.08.07_7852.jpg 5 Groton_31.08.07_7853.jpg 4 Groton_31.08.07_7854.jpg 7 Groton_31.08.07_7855.jpg 6 Groton_31.08.07_7856.jpg 6 Groton_31.08.07_7857.jpg 5 Groton_31.08.07_7858.jpg 7 Groton_31.08.07_7859.jpg 6 Groton_31.08.07_7860.jpg 7 Groton_31.08.07_7861.jpg 8 Groton_31.08.07_7862.jpg 11 Groton_31.08.07_7863.jpg 75 Groton_31.08.07_7864.jpg 23 Groton_31.08.07_7865.jpg 18 Groton_31.08.07_7866.jpg 13 Groton_31.08.07_7867.jpg 32 Groton_31.08.07_7868.jpg 10 Groton_31.08.07_7869.jpg 57 Groton_31.08.07_7870.jpg 9 Groton_31.08.07_7871.jpg 11 Groton_31.08.07_7872.jpg 10 Groton_31.08.07_7873.jpg 10 Groton_31.08.07_7874.jpg 19 Groton_31.08.07_7875.jpg 6 Groton_31.08.07_7876.jpg 7 Groton_31.08.07_7877.jpg 6 Groton_31.08.07_7878.jpg 8 Groton_31.08.07_7879.jpg 6 Groton_31.08.07_7880.jpg 7 Groton_31.08.07_7881.jpg 6 Groton_31.08.07_7882.jpg 8 Groton_31.08.07_7883.jpg 25 Groton_31.08.07_7884.jpg 43 Groton_31.08.07_7885.jpg 11 Groton_31.08.07_7886.jpg 7 Groton_31.08.07_7887.jpg 6 Groton_31.08.07_7888.jpg 5 Groton_31.08.07_7889.jpg 12