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Top photos from December 30th, 2019

Newton-KS_30.12.19_7926.jpg 2 Oklahoma_City-OK_30.12.19_7997.jpg 1 Oklahoma_City-OK_30.12.19_7994.jpg 1 Newton-KS_30.12.19_7928.jpg 1

December 30th, 2019

Heading south out of Kansas, we just barely caught a six-engine eastbound BNSF whose symbol we didn't catch in Newton and stayed in the town of Ardmore, Oklahoma, where we caught a slightly different kind of train...

Newton, Kansas

Newton is the home of significant yard and easily viewed locomotive shop on the BNSF in central Kansas.

Six BNSF locomotives including a warbonnet lead this long, slow eastbound through Newton, Kansas.

Newton-KS_30.12.19_7926.jpg 2 Newton-KS_30.12.19_7927.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7928.jpg 1 Newton-KS_30.12.19_7929.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7930.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7931.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7932.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7933.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7934.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7935.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7936.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7937.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7938.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7939.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7940.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7941.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7942.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7943.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7944.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7945.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7946.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7947.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7948.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7949.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7950.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7951.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7952.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7953.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7954.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7955.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7956.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7957.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7958.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7959.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7960.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7961.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7962.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7963.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7964.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7965.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7966.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7967.jpg

BNSF's shops in Newton are easily observed from the road and a park in the downtown.

Newton-KS_30.12.19_7968.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7969.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7970.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7971.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7972.jpg Newton-KS_30.12.19_7973.jpg

Wellington, Kansas

Wellington is a BNSF junction near the Oklahoma border along the I-35.

Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7974.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7975.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7976.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7977.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7978.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7979.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7980.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7981.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7982.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7983.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7984.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7985.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7986.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7987.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7988.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7989.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7990.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7991.jpg Wellington-KS_30.12.19_7992.jpg

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is the state capitol and home to several railways.

The Stillwater Central Railroad switches in the yard by their shops in twilight.

Oklahoma_City-OK_30.12.19_7994.jpg 1 Oklahoma_City-OK_30.12.19_7995.jpg Oklahoma_City-OK_30.12.19_7996.jpg Oklahoma_City-OK_30.12.19_7997.jpg 1 Oklahoma_City-OK_30.12.19_7998.jpg Oklahoma_City-OK_30.12.19_7999.jpg Oklahoma_City-OK_30.12.19_8000.jpg Oklahoma_City-OK_30.12.19_8001.jpg Oklahoma_City-OK_30.12.19_8002.jpg Oklahoma_City-OK_30.12.19_8003.jpg

Ardmore, Oklahoma

Ardmore is a town near the Oklahoma-Texas border with a significant public, free Christmas-season light show.

At the end of a day of traveling, we found Ardmore's Christmas light show and found this train the park...