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Top photos from June 30th, 2006

Cambridge_30.06.06_2410.jpg 79 Cambridge_30.06.06_2414.jpg 70 Cambridge_30.06.06_2417.jpg 55 Cambridge_30.06.06_2412.jpg 39 Cambridge_30.06.06_2419.jpg 29 Cambridge_30.06.06_2423.jpg 28 Cambridge_30.06.06_2424.jpg 27 Cambridge_30.06.06_2418.jpg 27 Cambridge_30.06.06_2428.jpg 25 Cambridge_30.06.06_2425.jpg 25

June 30th, 2006

As a result of severe flooding in New York, Pennsylvania, and parts of New England, many detour trains are running on the CN and CP in Canada. We caught CSX #Q380 at the Galt bridge in strong storm lighting.

Cambridge, Ontario

(map) Cambridge is the home of Babcock and Wilcox, Toyota, the CP Waterloo sub, the CP Galt sub, the CN ex-Fergus sub and a lot of trains.

CSXT #Q380 crosses the CP Galt bridge with a CP leader tacked on, lit by a brief gap in heavy clouds.

Cambridge_30.06.06_2410.jpg 79 Cambridge_30.06.06_2411.jpg 14 Cambridge_30.06.06_2412.jpg 39 Cambridge_30.06.06_2413.jpg 3 Cambridge_30.06.06_2414.jpg 70 Cambridge_30.06.06_2415.jpg 24 Cambridge_30.06.06_2416.jpg 13 Cambridge_30.06.06_2417.jpg 55 Cambridge_30.06.06_2418.jpg 27 Cambridge_30.06.06_2419.jpg 29 Cambridge_30.06.06_2420.jpg 6 Cambridge_30.06.06_2421.jpg 2 Cambridge_30.06.06_2422.jpg 11 Cambridge_30.06.06_2423.jpg 28 Cambridge_30.06.06_2424.jpg 27 Cambridge_30.06.06_2425.jpg 25 Cambridge_30.06.06_2426.jpg 8 Cambridge_30.06.06_2427.jpg 1 Cambridge_30.06.06_2428.jpg 25 Cambridge_30.06.06_2429.jpg 21 Cambridge_30.06.06_2430.jpg 18 Cambridge_30.06.06_2431.jpg 18 Cambridge_30.06.06_2432.jpg 21 Cambridge_30.06.06_2433.jpg 2 Cambridge_30.06.06_2434.jpg 8 Cambridge_30.06.06_2435.jpg 14 Cambridge_30.06.06_2436.jpg 12