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Top photos from December 29th, 2007

St_Albans_29.12.07_9742.jpg 73 St_Albans_29.12.07_9749.jpg 53 St_Albans_29.12.07_9748.jpg 37 St_Albans_29.12.07_9739.jpg 34 St_Albans_29.12.07_9747.jpg 23 St_Albans_29.12.07_9746.jpg 17 St_Albans_29.12.07_9734.jpg 17 St_Albans_29.12.07_9733.jpg 17 St_Albans_29.12.07_9736.jpg 14 St_Albans_29.12.07_9735.jpg 12

December 29th, 2007

We left Brattleboro for my parents' place in the Laurentians, stopping only at St. Albans to see CN 323 with 8814-8840, my first of the CN 88xxs. Weather was miserable and rainy all the way up, so we did not stop to see NECR 323/324 meeting in Brattleboro, VRS 307 coming into Burlington, or the three trains queued up at Rouses Point on the D&H. Next time.

St. Albans, Vermont

(map) CN and NECR (New England Central Railway) meet at St. Albans. Amtrak's Vermonter originates here at 06:35 and returns at 20:45. There is a large yard in the town and the station is sufficiently well lit for readable night shots without a tripod or flash in the winter.

CN #323 works NECR St. Albans yard with a pair of 8800s.

St_Albans_29.12.07_9730.jpg 6 St_Albans_29.12.07_9731.jpg 10 St_Albans_29.12.07_9732.jpg 5 St_Albans_29.12.07_9733.jpg 17 St_Albans_29.12.07_9734.jpg 17 St_Albans_29.12.07_9735.jpg 12 St_Albans_29.12.07_9736.jpg 14 St_Albans_29.12.07_9737.jpg 8 St_Albans_29.12.07_9738.jpg 9 St_Albans_29.12.07_9739.jpg 34 St_Albans_29.12.07_9740.jpg 6 St_Albans_29.12.07_9741.jpg 7 St_Albans_29.12.07_9742.jpg 73 St_Albans_29.12.07_9743.jpg 9 St_Albans_29.12.07_9744.jpg 8 St_Albans_29.12.07_9745.jpg 10 St_Albans_29.12.07_9746.jpg 17 St_Albans_29.12.07_9747.jpg 23 St_Albans_29.12.07_9748.jpg 37 St_Albans_29.12.07_9749.jpg 53