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Today's random implausible lashup: CN 3377-NS 8349-CP 5977-NS 3433-UP 6403-ST 216-CN 5444

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Top photos from August 29th, 2007

Washington_29.08.07_7655.jpg 70 Washington_29.08.07_7652.jpg 38 Washington_29.08.07_7658.jpg 35 Washington_29.08.07_7656.jpg 34 Washington_29.08.07_7659.jpg 33 Washington_29.08.07_7662.jpg 26 Washington_29.08.07_7657.jpg 26 Washington_29.08.07_7660.jpg 25 Washington_29.08.07_7661.jpg 20 Washington_29.08.07_7653.jpg 18

August 29th, 2007

We stayed at our friend's house in Silver Spring, MD and took the DC Metro into downtown Washington, DC. As the CSX tracks merged in with our Metro line, a 3-unit gravel train pulled up along side us. As the Metro is substantially faster than the freight train, we got off at a station along the way, shot the gravel train, and boarded the next Metro just a few minutes later. Although we passed a large passenger yard just before DC union station with a wide variety of very interesting equipment, we took no photos of the various equipment including an Acela set and several Virginia commuter trains we saw parked.

Washington, DC

Washington, DC, is the capital of the United States hosting numerous busy passenger and freight lines travelling every which way.

Washington_29.08.07_7651.jpg 15 Washington_29.08.07_7652.jpg 38 Washington_29.08.07_7653.jpg 18 Washington_29.08.07_7654.jpg 11 Washington_29.08.07_7655.jpg 70 Washington_29.08.07_7656.jpg 34 Washington_29.08.07_7657.jpg 26 Washington_29.08.07_7658.jpg 35 Washington_29.08.07_7659.jpg 33 Washington_29.08.07_7660.jpg 25 Washington_29.08.07_7661.jpg 20 Washington_29.08.07_7662.jpg 26