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Top photos from June 26th, 2007

Toronto_26.06.07_6122.jpg 45 Toronto_26.06.07_6127.jpg 33 Toronto_26.06.07_6125.jpg 32 Toronto_26.06.07_6126.jpg 20 Toronto_26.06.07_6124.jpg 18 Toronto_26.06.07_6123.jpg 11

June 26th, 2007

After over a week in the UK for a conference we weren't done yet and immediately headed off to Ottawa for another. These few photos were all I was awake for on the trip there.

Toronto, Ontario

(map) The capital of Ontario, this city has a number of very busy lines and yards on both the CP and CN networks.

Toronto_26.06.07_6122.jpg 45 Toronto_26.06.07_6123.jpg 11 Toronto_26.06.07_6124.jpg 18 Toronto_26.06.07_6125.jpg 32 Toronto_26.06.07_6126.jpg 20 Toronto_26.06.07_6127.jpg 33