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Top photos from June 25th, 2005

Guelph_25.06.05_7649.jpg 114 Guelph_25.06.05_7648.jpg 64 Guelph_25.06.05_7641.jpg 37 Guelph_25.06.05_7644.jpg 27 Guelph_25.06.05_7655.jpg 22 Guelph_25.06.05_7650.jpg 18 Guelph_25.06.05_7646.jpg 17 Guelph_25.06.05_7642.jpg 17 Guelph_25.06.05_7647.jpg 16 Guelph_25.06.05_7638.jpg 16

June 25th, 2005

Via #84 left Kitchener with VIA 6420 leading. I headed downtown to catch it at Alma road and again at the station. 6420 recently had a third headlight added to its nose whose purpose I can't quite figure, but it was on.

Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

VIA #84 comes into Guelph with VIA 6420 triple-headlight leading.

Guelph_25.06.05_7637.jpg 14 Guelph_25.06.05_7638.jpg 16 Guelph_25.06.05_7639.jpg 14 Guelph_25.06.05_7640.jpg 14 Guelph_25.06.05_7641.jpg 37 Guelph_25.06.05_7642.jpg 17 Guelph_25.06.05_7643.jpg 15 Guelph_25.06.05_7644.jpg 27 Guelph_25.06.05_7645.jpg 11 Guelph_25.06.05_7646.jpg 17 Guelph_25.06.05_7647.jpg 16 Guelph_25.06.05_7648.jpg 64 Guelph_25.06.05_7649.jpg 114 Guelph_25.06.05_7650.jpg 18 Guelph_25.06.05_7651.jpg 7 Guelph_25.06.05_7653.jpg 7 Guelph_25.06.05_7654.jpg 15 Guelph_25.06.05_7655.jpg 22