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Today's random implausible lashup: CN 9574-CP 3084-CSXT 7710-VIA 6444-CP 4652-EWS 60040-BPRR 302-CP 6015-AMT 450-CN 5319

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Top photos from April 24th, 2019

Saint_John_24.04.19_6472.jpg 5 Campbellton_24.04.19_6503.jpg 5 Saint_John_24.04.19_6490.jpg 4 Saint_John_24.04.19_6488.jpg 3 Saint_John_24.04.19_6487.jpg 3 Saint_John_24.04.19_6480.jpg 3 Saint_John_24.04.19_6473.jpg 3 Campbellton_24.04.19_6504.jpg 3 Campbellton_24.04.19_6501.jpg 3 Saint_John_24.04.19_6497.jpg 2

April 24th, 2019

We started our day in Moncton, catching an unexpected double-ended train on the bridge at the Reversing Falls as we wrapped up lunch, missing what would have been an excellent bridge shot. We finished our day in Campbellton, hearing the incessant squawk of an EOT, which we found attached to five cars near the Via station with no sign of the train they were meant to be attached to. They were gone the next morning.

Saint John, New Brunswick

On the north side of the Bay of Fundy, Saint John is the junction of the Canadian National and the New Brunswick Southern.

Saint_John_24.04.19_6468.jpg 2 Saint_John_24.04.19_6469.jpg 1 Saint_John_24.04.19_6470.jpg 1 Saint_John_24.04.19_6471.jpg 2 Saint_John_24.04.19_6472.jpg 5 Saint_John_24.04.19_6473.jpg 3 Saint_John_24.04.19_6474.jpg 2 Saint_John_24.04.19_6475.jpg 1 Saint_John_24.04.19_6476.jpg 2 Saint_John_24.04.19_6477.jpg 1 Saint_John_24.04.19_6478.jpg 2 Saint_John_24.04.19_6479.jpg 1 Saint_John_24.04.19_6480.jpg 3 Saint_John_24.04.19_6481.jpg 2 Saint_John_24.04.19_6482.jpg 1 Saint_John_24.04.19_6483.jpg 2 Saint_John_24.04.19_6484.jpg 1 Saint_John_24.04.19_6485.jpg 1 Saint_John_24.04.19_6486.jpg 2 Saint_John_24.04.19_6487.jpg 3 Saint_John_24.04.19_6488.jpg 3 Saint_John_24.04.19_6489.jpg 1 Saint_John_24.04.19_6490.jpg 4 Saint_John_24.04.19_6491.jpg 1 Saint_John_24.04.19_6492.jpg 2 Saint_John_24.04.19_6493.jpg 2 Saint_John_24.04.19_6494.jpg 1 Saint_John_24.04.19_6495.jpg 1 Saint_John_24.04.19_6496.jpg 2 Saint_John_24.04.19_6497.jpg 2

Campbellton, New Brunswick

(map) Campbellton is at the mouth of the Baie des Chaleurs on the New Brunswick-Quebec border.

Campbellton_24.04.19_6499.jpg 2 Campbellton_24.04.19_6500.jpg 2 Campbellton_24.04.19_6501.jpg 3 Campbellton_24.04.19_6502.jpg 2 Campbellton_24.04.19_6503.jpg 5 Campbellton_24.04.19_6504.jpg 3 Campbellton_24.04.19_6505.jpg 2