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Top photos from March 24th, 2007

Hamilton_24.03.07_1672.jpg 42 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1651.jpg 30 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1647.jpg 25 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1631.jpg 24 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1649.jpg 22 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1639.jpg 21 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1630.jpg 20 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1650.jpg 17 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1637.jpg 17 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1661.jpg 16

March 24th, 2007

CEFX 101-CEFX 110 led CP #254 which took the Oakville in the evening. I took a chance and went after it, getting VIA #98 (the Amtrak Maple Leaf), CN #599 (SOR steel train), VIA #79, CN #275, CN #385, and finally CP #254, none of them in shootable light... not that it stopped me from trying. We went after #254 at Kinnear yard, but it did a crew change north of the north switch and didn't stop, with CP #255 blocking any chance of viewing it anyway on the passing track.

Bayview Junction, Ontario

(map) This is where the CN Oakville, CN Grimsby, and CN Dundas subdivisions meet at a great big wye, beside which is the CP Hamilton sub. This location encompasses CN Bayview Junction, Hamilton West, and Hamilton Junction.

VIA #98, the Amtrak Maple Leaf, comes off the Grimsby sub and heads up the Oakville sub toward Toronto.

Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1626.jpg 10 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1627.jpg 7 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1628.jpg 11 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1629.jpg 11 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1630.jpg 20 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1631.jpg 24 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1632.jpg 11 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1633.jpg 3 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1634.jpg 4

CN #599, the RailLink steel train, heads up the cowpath on its way to Nanticoke.

Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1635.jpg 4 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1636.jpg 12 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1637.jpg 17 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1638.jpg 15 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1639.jpg 21 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1640.jpg 10 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1641.jpg 14 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1642.jpg 10 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1643.jpg 9

VIA #79 starts up the Dundas sub.

Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1646.jpg 5 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1647.jpg 25 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1648.jpg 15 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1649.jpg 22 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1650.jpg 17

CN #275 starts up the Dundas sub with a barely visible UP unit trailing.

Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1651.jpg 30 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1652.jpg 9 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1653.jpg 1 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1654.jpg 1 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1655.jpg 6

CN #385 starts up the Dundas sub with a pair of GP9s trailing a single six axle unit.

Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1656.jpg 4 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1657.jpg 7 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1658.jpg 1 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1659.jpg 1

CP #254 passes under Plains Rd with a pair of CEFX SD90/43MACs on point.

Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1660.jpg 11 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1661.jpg 16 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1662.jpg 3 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1663.jpg 4 Bayview_Junction_24.03.07_1664.jpg 6

Hamilton, Ontario

(map) Hamilton Ontario is an industrial region on the tip of lake Ontario.

CP #255's FRED blinks away as CP #254 with a pair of CEFX SD90/43MACs pulls by it.

Hamilton_24.03.07_1665.jpg 1 Hamilton_24.03.07_1666.jpg 12 Hamilton_24.03.07_1667.jpg 9 Hamilton_24.03.07_1668.jpg 4 Hamilton_24.03.07_1669.jpg 5 Hamilton_24.03.07_1670.jpg 4 Hamilton_24.03.07_1671.jpg 3 Hamilton_24.03.07_1672.jpg 42