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Today's random implausible lashup: CN 2611-CN 9675-CRIX 5952-RMSL 08754-CN 5638-GEXR 3821-SOO 6059

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Top photos from October 23rd, 2020

October 23rd, 2020

Word got out about CN heritage GP40-3 on CN 356. I checked for it at Bretville Jct and worked west, finding it stopped at the 147th St crossing in Edmonton.

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and a very busy railroad city.

Edmonton_23.10.20_1502.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1503.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1504.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1505.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1506.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1507.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1508.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1509.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1510.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1511.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1512.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1513.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1514.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1515.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1516.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1517.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1518.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1519.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1520.jpg Edmonton_23.10.20_1521.jpg