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Top photos from October 23rd, 2010

Cornwall_23.10.10_2858.jpg 24 Cornwall_23.10.10_2857.jpg 19 Cornwall_23.10.10_2862.jpg 16 Cornwall_23.10.10_2867.jpg 15 Cornwall_23.10.10_2863.jpg 12 Cornwall_23.10.10_2861.jpg 12 Cornwall_23.10.10_2854.jpg 11 Cornwall_23.10.10_2859.jpg 10 Cornwall_23.10.10_2860.jpg 8 Cornwall_23.10.10_2864.jpg 7

October 23rd, 2010

I went down to Cornwall to have dinner with an old friend from high school and ran across a Baldwin electric parked next to Brookdale Ave that I am pretty sure was not there last time I went to the city.

Cornwall, Ontario

Cornwall is about 30 km into Ontario from the Quebec border coming out of Montreal on the CN Kingston sub.

Cornwall_23.10.10_2854.jpg 11 Cornwall_23.10.10_2855.jpg 6 Cornwall_23.10.10_2856.jpg 7 Cornwall_23.10.10_2857.jpg 19 Cornwall_23.10.10_2858.jpg 24 Cornwall_23.10.10_2859.jpg 10 Cornwall_23.10.10_2860.jpg 8 Cornwall_23.10.10_2861.jpg 12 Cornwall_23.10.10_2862.jpg 16 Cornwall_23.10.10_2863.jpg 12 Cornwall_23.10.10_2864.jpg 7 Cornwall_23.10.10_2865.jpg 3 Cornwall_23.10.10_2866.jpg 5 Cornwall_23.10.10_2867.jpg 15