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Top photos from June 21st, 2007

Edinburgh_21.06.07_5569.jpg 30 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5588.jpg 15 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5581.jpg 13 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5574.jpg 11 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5582.jpg 7 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5577.jpg 7 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5589.jpg 6 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5568.jpg 6 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5580.jpg 5 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5587.jpg 4

June 21st, 2007

While out museum browsing, Laura took a few photos of trains at Edinburgh Waverly station.

Edinburgh, Scotland

(map) The Scottish capital hosts a relatively large passenger station called Waverly station which has a train in or out of out around every 4 minutes during peak hours. To the south of the downtown is the freight bypass.

Edinburgh_21.06.07_5568.jpg 6 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5569.jpg 30 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5574.jpg 11 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5577.jpg 7 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5578.jpg 4 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5579.jpg 3 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5580.jpg 5 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5581.jpg 13 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5582.jpg 7 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5583.jpg 4 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5586.jpg 3 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5587.jpg 4 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5588.jpg 15 Edinburgh_21.06.07_5589.jpg 6