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Today's random implausible lashup: FGW 43189-INCX 1910-NS 9532-VTFR 077503-VIA 913-DLW 4118-CN 5350-CN 4108-CN 102

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Top photos from January 21st, 2018

Middletown_21.01.18_1965.jpg 7 Middletown_21.01.18_1964.jpg 6 Middletown_21.01.18_1971.jpg 5 Middletown_21.01.18_1958.jpg 5 Kimball_21.01.18_0434.jpg 5 Middletown_21.01.18_1970.jpg 4 Middletown_21.01.18_1969.jpg 4 Middletown_21.01.18_1966.jpg 4 Middletown_21.01.18_1959.jpg 4 Middletown_21.01.18_1957.jpg 4

January 21st, 2018

On our way home via Skyline Drive in Virginia, we followed a chirping SBU to a stopped CSX local in Middleton after lunch.

Kimball, Virginia

(map) Kimball is just west of the Thornton Gap entrance to Skyline Drive.

Kimball_21.01.18_0434.jpg 5 Kimball_21.01.18_0435.jpg 2 Kimball_21.01.18_0436.jpg 4 Kimball_21.01.18_0437.jpg 2

Compton, Virginia

(map) Compton, Virginia is just south-west of Front Royal.

Compton_21.01.18_0438.jpg Compton_21.01.18_0439.jpg Compton_21.01.18_0440.jpg Compton_21.01.18_0441.jpg Compton_21.01.18_0442.jpg

Middletown, Virginia

(map) Middletown is near the junction of Interstate 66 and 81 near the northern entrance of Skyline Drive in north-east Virginia.

Middletown_21.01.18_1953.jpg 4 Middletown_21.01.18_1954.jpg 4 Middletown_21.01.18_1956.jpg 4 Middletown_21.01.18_1957.jpg 4 Middletown_21.01.18_1958.jpg 5 Middletown_21.01.18_1959.jpg 4 Middletown_21.01.18_1960.jpg 2 Middletown_21.01.18_1962.jpg 3 Middletown_21.01.18_1963.jpg 2 Middletown_21.01.18_1964.jpg 6 Middletown_21.01.18_1965.jpg 7 Middletown_21.01.18_1966.jpg 4 Middletown_21.01.18_1967.jpg 3 Middletown_21.01.18_1969.jpg 4 Middletown_21.01.18_1970.jpg 4 Middletown_21.01.18_1971.jpg 5 Middletown_21.01.18_1972.jpg 1