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Top photos from December 19th, 2007

Lockport_19.12.07_8786.jpg 68 Lockport_19.12.07_8778.jpg 53 Lockport_19.12.07_8779.jpg 38 Puslinch_19.12.07_8774.jpg 25 Lockport_19.12.07_8781.jpg 25 Puslinch_19.12.07_8773.jpg 20 Medina_19.12.07_8787.jpg 19 Lockport_19.12.07_8780.jpg 19 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8794.jpg 19 North_Chili_19.12.07_8808.jpg 17

December 19th, 2007

We left home around 10 am, almost immediately finding a CP train with an NREX unit at Puslinch on our way by on highway 6. After crossing into the US, we followed the Falls Road railway from Lockport to Brockport, ending up in Rochester.

Puslinch, Ontario

(map) This community straddles highway 401 from West of Guelph Junction to Killean on the CP Galt sub.

A CP train with an NREX leaser ties us to the field at east switch Puslinch.

Puslinch_19.12.07_8768.jpg 4 Puslinch_19.12.07_8769.jpg 14 Puslinch_19.12.07_8770.jpg 7 Puslinch_19.12.07_8771.jpg 6 Puslinch_19.12.07_8772.jpg 10 Puslinch_19.12.07_8773.jpg 20 Puslinch_19.12.07_8774.jpg 25 Puslinch_19.12.07_8775.jpg 12 Puslinch_19.12.07_8776.jpg 7 Puslinch_19.12.07_8777.jpg 16

Lockport, New York

Lockport is the junction of the CSX and the Falls Road just to the east of Buffalo.

Lockport_19.12.07_8778.jpg 53 Lockport_19.12.07_8779.jpg 38 Lockport_19.12.07_8780.jpg 19 Lockport_19.12.07_8781.jpg 25 Lockport_19.12.07_8782.jpg 13 Lockport_19.12.07_8783.jpg 6 Lockport_19.12.07_8784.jpg 17 Lockport_19.12.07_8785.jpg 12 Lockport_19.12.07_8786.jpg 68

Medina, New York

Medina is along the Falls Road about half way between Buffalo and Rochester.

Medina_19.12.07_8787.jpg 19

Knowlesville, New York

Knowlesville is along the Falls Road between Medina and Albion a few miles to the west of Rochester.

Knowlesville_19.12.07_8788.jpg 9

A Genesee Valley alco runs east along the Falls Road shortly after setting off all but one of its cars.

Knowlesville_19.12.07_8789.jpg 10 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8790.jpg 10 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8791.jpg 7 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8792.jpg 10 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8793.jpg 11 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8794.jpg 19 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8795.jpg 12 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8796.jpg 16 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8797.jpg 8 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8798.jpg 9 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8799.jpg 12 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8800.jpg 7 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8801.jpg 6 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8802.jpg 3 Knowlesville_19.12.07_8803.jpg 4

North Chili, New York

North Chili is a suburb of Rochester to the southwest along the CSX.

A CSX rack train passes in the rain.

North_Chili_19.12.07_8807.jpg 9 North_Chili_19.12.07_8808.jpg 17 North_Chili_19.12.07_8809.jpg 9 North_Chili_19.12.07_8810.jpg 8 North_Chili_19.12.07_8811.jpg 11 North_Chili_19.12.07_8812.jpg 8 North_Chili_19.12.07_8813.jpg 9