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Top photos from April 19th, 2007

Milton_19.04.07_2312.jpg 60 Milton_19.04.07_2308.jpg 51 Milton_19.04.07_2300.jpg 36 Milton_19.04.07_2299.jpg 34 Milton_19.04.07_2307.jpg 28 Milton_19.04.07_2296.jpg 25 Milton_19.04.07_2310.jpg 18 Milton_19.04.07_2301.jpg 17 Milton_19.04.07_2309.jpg 15 Milton_19.04.07_2303.jpg 14

April 19th, 2007

CP #138 had CP-CP-CSX-BNSF-BNSF-BNSF -- in perfect lighting. I didn't hear it on time though, and tore off after it beating it, for some definitions of beating it, to Trafalgar Rd in Milton, where #147 was crossing the crossing and met #138 just to the east of the crossing. I waited around a couple of minutes for #142 and came home.

Milton, Ontario

(map) This is where the CN Halton and the CP Galt subs cross eachother, though there is no junction.

Milton_19.04.07_2295.jpg 10 Milton_19.04.07_2296.jpg 25 Milton_19.04.07_2297.jpg 12 Milton_19.04.07_2298.jpg 11 Milton_19.04.07_2299.jpg 34 Milton_19.04.07_2300.jpg 36 Milton_19.04.07_2301.jpg 17 Milton_19.04.07_2302.jpg 13 Milton_19.04.07_2303.jpg 14 Milton_19.04.07_2304.jpg 8 Milton_19.04.07_2305.jpg 10 Milton_19.04.07_2306.jpg 10 Milton_19.04.07_2307.jpg 28 Milton_19.04.07_2308.jpg 51 Milton_19.04.07_2309.jpg 15 Milton_19.04.07_2310.jpg 18 Milton_19.04.07_2311.jpg 11 Milton_19.04.07_2312.jpg 60 Milton_19.04.07_2313.jpg 7 Milton_19.04.07_2314.jpg 10