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Top photos from January 19th, 2008

Jordan_19.01.08_9854.jpg 171 Jordan_19.01.08_9858.jpg 58 Jordan_19.01.08_9860.jpg 30 Jordan_19.01.08_9859.jpg 28 Jordan_19.01.08_9861.jpg 27 Jordan_19.01.08_9857.jpg 23

January 19th, 2008

We went to the Ice Wine Festival's Jordan booth, stopping to take a look at the ill-fated "La Grande Hermine" on the way in, and catching a Toronto-bound Via on the way to our next errand.

Jordan, Ontario

Jordan is the east end of the Jordan-Nelles Road single track on the CN Grimsby sub.

Jordan_19.01.08_9854.jpg 171

VIA #92 enters the single track at Jordan.

Jordan_19.01.08_9857.jpg 23 Jordan_19.01.08_9858.jpg 58 Jordan_19.01.08_9859.jpg 28 Jordan_19.01.08_9860.jpg 30 Jordan_19.01.08_9861.jpg 27