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Top photos from February 17th, 2011

Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2974.jpg 90 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2968.jpg 55 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2975.jpg 52 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2973.jpg 36 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2966.jpg 33 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2964.jpg 31 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2972.jpg 27 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2969.jpg 27 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2970.jpg 25 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2965.jpg 24

February 17th, 2011

With a few hours to kill, I finally made my way down to Smiths Falls to see what there was to see, seeing one intermodal heading west, two Vias, and the yard job. Being somewhat rusty I did not catch any of the symbols.

Smiths Falls, Ontario

(map) The junction of the Ottawa Valley Railway, the Ottawa Central Rail Road, the CP Brockville sub, the CP Belleville sub, and the CP Winchester sub is a busy place indeed. There is a large yard in the historical railway city, a museum, and all CP traffic between Montreal and Toronto, and Montreal and out West.

Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2964.jpg 31 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2965.jpg 24 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2966.jpg 33 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2967.jpg 20 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2968.jpg 55 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2969.jpg 27 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2970.jpg 25 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2971.jpg 16 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2972.jpg 27 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2973.jpg 36 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2974.jpg 90 Smiths_Falls_17.02.11_2975.jpg 52