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Today's random implausible lashup: FL 66591-IC 6067-CP 9015-CP 8641-UP 9621-VIA 907-GCFX 6035-CSXT 8704-CSXT 7911

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Top photos from August 16th, 2017

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August 16th, 2017

We caught the QGRY coming into Gatineau on our way back to the riding.

Gatineau, Quebec

(map) Immediately across the border from Ottawa, Gatineau contains the formerly independent city of Hull and houses the Quebec-Gatineau Railway (QGRY) and Hull, Chelsea, and Wakefield (HCW) scenic steam railway.

Gatineau_16.08.17_9557.jpg 3 Gatineau_16.08.17_9558.jpg 8

A Quebec-Gatineau Railway heads for Gatineau.

Gatineau_16.08.17_9559.jpg 4 Gatineau_16.08.17_9560.jpg 2 Gatineau_16.08.17_9561.jpg 3 Gatineau_16.08.17_9562.jpg 3 Gatineau_16.08.17_9563.jpg 4 Gatineau_16.08.17_9564.jpg 4 Gatineau_16.08.17_9565.jpg 14 Gatineau_16.08.17_9566.jpg 6 Gatineau_16.08.17_9567.jpg 7 Gatineau_16.08.17_9568.jpg 3 Gatineau_16.08.17_9569.jpg 2