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Top photos from January 15th, 2020

Florence-SC_15.01.20_9596.jpg 3 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9512.jpg 3 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9568.jpg 2 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9564.jpg 2 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9532.jpg 2 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9524.jpg 2 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9520.jpg 2 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9600.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9592.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9588.jpg 1

January 15th, 2020

Working northward, we stopped for gas and trains in Florence, South Carolina. The Amtrak station agent politely declined our request to shoot from the platform so we made do with looking through the fence.

Florence, South Carolina

Florence is a CSX junction a few miles south of the North Carolina border on the I-95.

Florence-SC_15.01.20_9500.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9504.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9508.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9512.jpg 3 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9516.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9520.jpg 2 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9524.jpg 2

Light power moves about Florence, South Carolina.

Florence-SC_15.01.20_9526.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9528.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9532.jpg 2 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9536.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9540.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9544.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9548.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9552.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9556.jpg 1

A CSX mixed freight enters the crew change point at Florence, SC station.

Florence-SC_15.01.20_9564.jpg 2 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9568.jpg 2 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9572.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9576.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9580.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9584.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9588.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9592.jpg 1 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9596.jpg 3 Florence-SC_15.01.20_9600.jpg 1