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Top photos from October 14th, 2010

Thurso_14.10.10_2848.jpg 85 Thurso_14.10.10_2847.jpg 64 Masson_14.10.10_2837.jpg 46 Thurso_14.10.10_2849.jpg 40 Masson_14.10.10_2840.jpg 37 Thurso_14.10.10_2846.jpg 36 Masson_14.10.10_2838.jpg 30 Thurso_14.10.10_2845.jpg 29 Masson_14.10.10_2839.jpg 26 Thurso_14.10.10_2843.jpg 24

October 14th, 2010

Traveling from my new apartment in Gatineau along the QGRY to west in my first explorative journey in the area, I found two units parked at Masson and a switcher working in the yard at Thurso. I was expecting a train from Ste-Therese as well but it did not materialise and likely came shortly after my departure. The tracks in Gatineau proper along the QGRY Lachute sub have been ripped recently enough that some of the trucks involved are still kicking around. So much for any thoughts of running the O-train across the bridge into Gatineau (same alignment)!

Masson, Quebec

Masson is between Gatineau and Thurso on the QGRY Lachute subdivision and is the site of a large rail using facility with two dedicated QGRY engines to service the area.

Masson_14.10.10_2836.jpg 8 Masson_14.10.10_2837.jpg 46 Masson_14.10.10_2838.jpg 30 Masson_14.10.10_2839.jpg 26 Masson_14.10.10_2840.jpg 37 Masson_14.10.10_2841.jpg 23 Masson_14.10.10_2842.jpg 17

Thurso, Quebec

Thurso is the present eastern end of the western half of Autoroute 50 and is the western most point of the western run of the QGRY out of Ste-Therese (traffic further west is handled by a local road switcher). There is a large lumber facility with its own switcher.

Thurso_14.10.10_2843.jpg 24 Thurso_14.10.10_2844.jpg 17 Thurso_14.10.10_2845.jpg 29 Thurso_14.10.10_2846.jpg 36 Thurso_14.10.10_2847.jpg 64 Thurso_14.10.10_2848.jpg 85 Thurso_14.10.10_2849.jpg 40

Plaisance, Quebec

Plaisance is between Montebello and Thurso on the QGRY Lachute subdivision.

Plaisance_14.10.10_2850.jpg 24 Plaisance_14.10.10_2851.jpg 17 Plaisance_14.10.10_2852.jpg 24 Plaisance_14.10.10_2853.jpg 18