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Top photos from March 14th, 2009

Ayr_14.03.09_5970.jpg 28 Ayr_14.03.09_5969.jpg 23 Killean_14.03.09_5985.jpg 18 Killean_14.03.09_5987.jpg 17 Killean_14.03.09_5986.jpg 16 Ayr_14.03.09_5971.jpg 15 Killean_14.03.09_5983.jpg 13 Killean_14.03.09_5982.jpg 13 Ayr_14.03.09_5975.jpg 13 Ayr_14.03.09_5972.jpg 13

March 14th, 2009

I went to Wolverton to see the new yard there, just missing 152 and T69. Heard T69 switching at Ayr and went for it there, barely catching it, then headed to Paris, just missing 385, then to Killean for T69 one more time on the way home.

Ayr, Ontario

(map) Ayr is between Wolverton and Cambridge on the CP Galt sub and houses a small backtrack yard and the Ayr Pit Spur.

Ayr_14.03.09_5969.jpg 23 Ayr_14.03.09_5970.jpg 28 Ayr_14.03.09_5971.jpg 15 Ayr_14.03.09_5972.jpg 13 Ayr_14.03.09_5973.jpg 12 Ayr_14.03.09_5974.jpg 11 Ayr_14.03.09_5975.jpg 13

Killean, Ontario

(map) This is CP's name for the passing track at Cambridge on the CP Galt sub.

CP T69 London Pickup crosses Sideroad 10 S at 51.90 Galt sub.

Killean_14.03.09_5977.jpg 9 Killean_14.03.09_5978.jpg 6 Killean_14.03.09_5979.jpg 7 Killean_14.03.09_5980.jpg 9 Killean_14.03.09_5981.jpg 6 Killean_14.03.09_5982.jpg 13 Killean_14.03.09_5983.jpg 13 Killean_14.03.09_5984.jpg 7 Killean_14.03.09_5985.jpg 18 Killean_14.03.09_5986.jpg 16 Killean_14.03.09_5987.jpg 17