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Top photos from September 13th, 2018

September 13th, 2018

In Saskatoon for caucus, we took a few minutes to explore.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan and is a regional rail hub.

Saskatoon_13.09.18_5081.jpg Saskatoon_13.09.18_5082.jpg Saskatoon_13.09.18_5083.jpg Saskatoon_13.09.18_5084.jpg Saskatoon_13.09.18_5085.jpg Saskatoon_13.09.18_5086.jpg Saskatoon_13.09.18_5087.jpg Saskatoon_13.09.18_5088.jpg Saskatoon_13.09.18_5089.jpg Saskatoon_13.09.18_5090.jpg Saskatoon_13.09.18_5091.jpg Saskatoon_13.09.18_5092.jpg Saskatoon_13.09.18_5093.jpg Saskatoon_13.09.18_5094.jpg