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Top photos from August 13th, 2011

Cardinal_13.08.11_3117.jpg 30 Ingleside_13.08.11_3110.jpg 29 Yonge_Mills_13.08.11_3133.jpg 27 Winchester_13.08.11_3092.jpg 19 Ingleside_13.08.11_3107.jpg 19 Cardinal_13.08.11_3116.jpg 19 Cardinal_13.08.11_3118.jpg 18 Ingleside_13.08.11_3111.jpg 15 Yonge_Mills_13.08.11_3137.jpg 14 Ingleside_13.08.11_3112.jpg 14

August 13th, 2011

After an extended trainless period and with the death of my as-yet unreplaced Tamron 18-200MM superzoom lens, I finally got out to the tracks southbound out of Ottawa via Bank St to the St. Lawrence, picking up a westbound stack train at Winchester on CP, CN #377 at Iroquois, and an assortment of Vias in the Brockville area. Years after the first one went into service (and was subsequently wrecked), I finally shot one of the rebuilt VIA F40PHs.

Winchester, Ontario

The namesake of the CP Winchester subdivision, Winchester is on County Road 31 (Bank St) south of Ottawa.

A CP westbound comes under the Bank St. bridge in Winchester. We caught it with seconds to spare on an ATV trail not far off a road where we were passing when the train called Winchester mile.

Winchester_13.08.11_3092.jpg 19 Winchester_13.08.11_3093.jpg 8 Winchester_13.08.11_3094.jpg 7 Winchester_13.08.11_3095.jpg 13 Winchester_13.08.11_3096.jpg 5 Winchester_13.08.11_3097.jpg 9 Winchester_13.08.11_3098.jpg 8 Winchester_13.08.11_3099.jpg 3 Winchester_13.08.11_3100.jpg 6 Winchester_13.08.11_3101.jpg 3

Ingleside, Ontario

Ingleside, Ontario, is near Morrisburg on the CN Kingston sub.

CN #377 comes up on us with minimal warning.

Ingleside_13.08.11_3102.jpg 4 Ingleside_13.08.11_3103.jpg 3 Ingleside_13.08.11_3104.jpg 4 Ingleside_13.08.11_3105.jpg 7 Ingleside_13.08.11_3106.jpg 7 Ingleside_13.08.11_3107.jpg 19 Ingleside_13.08.11_3108.jpg 8 Ingleside_13.08.11_3109.jpg 6 Ingleside_13.08.11_3110.jpg 29 Ingleside_13.08.11_3111.jpg 15 Ingleside_13.08.11_3112.jpg 14

Cardinal, Ontario

Cardinal, Ontario is just east of the 416/401 interchange. The CASCO plant is serviced daily by a private operator connecting to CN.

A Via with two F40s passes eastbound.

Cardinal_13.08.11_3113.jpg 6 Cardinal_13.08.11_3114.jpg 7 Cardinal_13.08.11_3115.jpg 9 Cardinal_13.08.11_3116.jpg 19 Cardinal_13.08.11_3117.jpg 30 Cardinal_13.08.11_3118.jpg 18 Cardinal_13.08.11_3119.jpg 4 Cardinal_13.08.11_3120.jpg 2 Cardinal_13.08.11_3121.jpg 4 Cardinal_13.08.11_3122.jpg 2 Cardinal_13.08.11_3123.jpg 2 Cardinal_13.08.11_3124.jpg 2 Cardinal_13.08.11_3125.jpg 2 Cardinal_13.08.11_3126.jpg 2 Cardinal_13.08.11_3127.jpg 2 Cardinal_13.08.11_3128.jpg 5 Cardinal_13.08.11_3129.jpg 3 Cardinal_13.08.11_3130.jpg 5 Cardinal_13.08.11_3131.jpg 2 Cardinal_13.08.11_3132.jpg 2

Yonge Mills, Ontario

Yonge Mills is a little bit west of Brockville on the CN Kingston sub.

A Via train heads west out of Brockville.

Yonge_Mills_13.08.11_3133.jpg 27 Yonge_Mills_13.08.11_3134.jpg 10

A Via train approaches Brockville.

Yonge_Mills_13.08.11_3135.jpg 9 Yonge_Mills_13.08.11_3136.jpg 11 Yonge_Mills_13.08.11_3137.jpg 14 Yonge_Mills_13.08.11_3138.jpg 5 Yonge_Mills_13.08.11_3139.jpg 4