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Top photos from August, 2016

Saint_John_11.08.16_6017.jpg 21 Hillsboro_10.08.16_5875.jpg 17 Saint_John_11.08.16_6060.jpg 12 Saint_John_11.08.16_6019.jpg 12 Saint_John_11.08.16_6015.jpg 11 Hillsboro_10.08.16_5926.jpg 11 Hillsboro_10.08.16_5924.jpg 11 Saint_John_11.08.16_6024.jpg 10 Saint_John_11.08.16_6020.jpg 10 Saint_John_11.08.16_6018.jpg 9

August 8, 2016While on vacation in the maritimes, we stopped briefly to watch a CN local work in Dartmouth from the Halifax side of the harbour, and later stumbled across the Louisbourg rail museum on the hunt for the best possible local lobster.
Louisbourg_08.08.16_5470.jpg 8 Halifax_08.08.16_5407.jpg 6 Halifax_08.08.16_5406.jpg 6 Aulds_Cove_08.08.16_5463.jpg 6
Auld's Cove, Nova ScotiaAuld's Cove is the mainland side of the Cape Breton causeway.
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Halifax, Nova ScotiaHalifax is the capital of Nova Scotia.
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Louisbourg, Nova ScotiaLouisbourg is half an hour south-east of Sydney, has a large historic military fortress and boasted the best meal of our trip at a local seafood shop, as well as a small railway museum.
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August 10th, 2016On our way from Summerside, PEI to Hopewell rocks in New Brunswick, we stopped at the Hillsboro New Brunswick Railway museum for a quick tour.
Hillsboro_10.08.16_5875.jpg 17 Hillsboro_10.08.16_5926.jpg 11 Hillsboro_10.08.16_5924.jpg 11 Hillsboro_10.08.16_5874.jpg 8
Hillsboro, New BrunswickHillsboro is the home of the New Brunswick Railway Museum, not far from Hopewell Rocks.
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August 11th, 2016We started our day in Saint John, NB by seeing what was up at the New Brunswick Southern yard. It did not disappoint.
Saint_John_11.08.16_6017.jpg 21 Saint_John_11.08.16_6060.jpg 12 Saint_John_11.08.16_6019.jpg 12 Saint_John_11.08.16_6015.jpg 11
Saint John, New BrunswickOn the north side of the Bay of Fundy, Saint John is the junction of the Canadian National and the New Brunswick Southern.
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