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Top photos from January 6th, 2007

Cambridge_06.01.07_9145.jpg 148 Killean_06.01.07_9105.jpg 51 Cambridge_06.01.07_9144.jpg 48 Killean_06.01.07_9119.jpg 27 Killean_06.01.07_9126.jpg 24 Cambridge_06.01.07_9132.jpg 23 Cambridge_06.01.07_9131.jpg 21 Killean_06.01.07_9103.jpg 20 Cambridge_06.01.07_9137.jpg 17 Cambridge_06.01.07_9143.jpg 14

January 6th, 2007

Derailment! CP London Pickup picked the north wye switch at Galt yard and put both units on the ground at around 20:30. We went down to see what we could see, catching CP #244 at Killean siding on the way in. Earlier in the day, CN #271 had a UP leader with an unpatched SP SD40 elephant style, but I was unable to see it, and in the afternoon, I tied CP #158 to the nearest crossing to my house on the Galt sub with 2 GEVOs in atrocious lighting and rain.

Killean, Ontario

(map) This is CP's name for the passing track at Cambridge on the CP Galt sub.

CP #158 brings with it the sweet sound of a GEVO horn.

Killean_06.01.07_9102.jpg 11 Killean_06.01.07_9103.jpg 20 Killean_06.01.07_9104.jpg 9 Killean_06.01.07_9105.jpg 51 Killean_06.01.07_9106.jpg 5 Killean_06.01.07_9107.jpg 6 Killean_06.01.07_9108.jpg 6 Killean_06.01.07_9109.jpg 4 Killean_06.01.07_9110.jpg 3 Killean_06.01.07_9111.jpg 6 Killean_06.01.07_9112.jpg 12 Killean_06.01.07_9113.jpg 4

CP #244 passes on the main through Killean siding.

Killean_06.01.07_9117.jpg 10 Killean_06.01.07_9118.jpg 9 Killean_06.01.07_9119.jpg 27 Killean_06.01.07_9120.jpg 7 Killean_06.01.07_9121.jpg 4 Killean_06.01.07_9122.jpg 2 Killean_06.01.07_9123.jpg Killean_06.01.07_9124.jpg 9 Killean_06.01.07_9125.jpg 2 Killean_06.01.07_9126.jpg 24 Killean_06.01.07_9127.jpg 11 Killean_06.01.07_9128.jpg 3 Killean_06.01.07_9129.jpg 4 Killean_06.01.07_9130.jpg 7

Cambridge, Ontario

(map) Cambridge is the home of Babcock and Wilcox, Toyota, the CP Waterloo sub, the CP Galt sub, the CN ex-Fergus sub and a lot of trains.

CP 8222 and CP 1614 back up along the Waterloo sub as the Galt yard crew and London Pickup's crew work on solving London Pickup's derailment.

Cambridge_06.01.07_9131.jpg 21 Cambridge_06.01.07_9132.jpg 23 Cambridge_06.01.07_9133.jpg 6 Cambridge_06.01.07_9134.jpg 8 Cambridge_06.01.07_9135.jpg 7 Cambridge_06.01.07_9136.jpg 6 Cambridge_06.01.07_9137.jpg 17 Cambridge_06.01.07_9138.jpg 9 Cambridge_06.01.07_9139.jpg 8 Cambridge_06.01.07_9140.jpg 11 Cambridge_06.01.07_9141.jpg 9 Cambridge_06.01.07_9142.jpg 8 Cambridge_06.01.07_9143.jpg 14 Cambridge_06.01.07_9144.jpg 48 Cambridge_06.01.07_9145.jpg 148