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Top photos from January 5th, 2018

Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0157.jpg 8 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0158.jpg 6 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0156.jpg 6 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0162.jpg 4 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0161.jpg 4 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0151.jpg 4 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0160.jpg 3 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0159.jpg 2 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0154.jpg 2 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0152.jpg 2

January 5th, 2018

Leaving our motel in Plattsburgh, we stumbled across one of the two remaining D&H units light power and got off the highway to see it pass.

Plattsburgh, New York

(map) Plattsburgh is just south of the Canadian border on I-87.

D&H 7303, one of two remaining D&H-painted units, runs light power as a local.

Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0151.jpg 4 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0152.jpg 2 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0153.jpg 1 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0154.jpg 2 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0155.jpg 1 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0156.jpg 6 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0157.jpg 8 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0158.jpg 6 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0159.jpg 2 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0160.jpg 3 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0161.jpg 4 Plattsburgh_05.01.18_0162.jpg 4