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Top photos from November 4th, 2017

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November 4th, 2017

On the way back from a family party in Brockville, we chased on odd sounding horn to Cardinal.

Cardinal, Ontario

Cardinal, Ontario is just east of the 416/401 interchange. The CASCO plant is serviced daily by a private operator connecting to CN.

A CN eastbound heads into Cardinal on the way to Montreal.

Cardinal_04.11.17_0033.jpg Cardinal_04.11.17_0034.jpg Cardinal_04.11.17_0035.jpg 1 Cardinal_04.11.17_0036.jpg 1 Cardinal_04.11.17_0037.jpg Cardinal_04.11.17_0038.jpg 1 Cardinal_04.11.17_0039.jpg Cardinal_04.11.17_0040.jpg 1 Cardinal_04.11.17_0041.jpg Cardinal_04.11.17_0042.jpg 1 Cardinal_04.11.17_0043.jpg 1 Cardinal_04.11.17_0044.jpg 1 Cardinal_04.11.17_0045.jpg 1 Cardinal_04.11.17_0046.jpg Cardinal_04.11.17_0047.jpg Cardinal_04.11.17_0048.jpg 1 Cardinal_04.11.17_0049.jpg Cardinal_04.11.17_0050.jpg Cardinal_04.11.17_0051.jpg 1 Cardinal_04.11.17_0052.jpg