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Top photos from March 4th, 2016

Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5150.jpg 4 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5149.jpg 3 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5141.jpg 3 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5161.jpg 2 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5160.jpg 2 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5151.jpg 2 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5148.jpg 2 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5144.jpg 2 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5143.jpg 2 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5152.jpg 1

March 4th, 2016

Travelling north out of Massachusetts, we heard NECR 321 out of Brattleboro and found it at Bellows Falls station before staying the night in that town.

Bellows Falls, Vermont

(map) Vermont Rail System member Green Mountain Railway meets the NECR at Bellows Falls. There is purported to be a GMRS Alco RS-1 here, as well. It is directly across the river from North Walpole, New Hampshire.

Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5132.jpg 1 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5133.jpg 1 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5134.jpg 1 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5136.jpg 1 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5137.jpg 1 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5138.jpg 1

NECR 327 passes through Bellows Falls after sunset.

Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5139.jpg 1 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5140.jpg 1 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5141.jpg 3 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5142.jpg 1 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5143.jpg 2 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5144.jpg 2 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5145.jpg 1 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5146.jpg Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5147.jpg Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5148.jpg 2 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5149.jpg 3 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5150.jpg 4 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5151.jpg 2 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5152.jpg 1 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5153.jpg Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5154.jpg Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5155.jpg Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5156.jpg Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5157.jpg Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5158.jpg Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5159.jpg Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5160.jpg 2 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5161.jpg 2 Bellows_Falls_04.03.16_5162.jpg