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Images: These pictures are not censored for quality. What one person considers a bad or useless picture may be exactly what someone else is looking for. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Videos: These videos are very big, which is why railfanning videos are so rare on line. As long as Windows Media Player says "Connecting" it is working, even it if appears to be taking a very long time. It says "Connecting" until it has finished downloading the video. Please be patient. If you are unable to play these videos with Windows Media player, a problem which exists with some versions of Media Player and (sometimes) with Internet Explorer versions lower than 6, I strongly recommend the use of Quicktime if it is available. If you are using Linux, mplayer needs to be told that the videos have a bit depth of 16 (-bpp 16) to work.

Filenames refer to location, date (, and camera-assigned four digit id number.

Top photos from January, 2012

Venice_01.01.12_1984.jpg 76 Bern_04.01.12_2172.jpg 59 Bern_04.01.12_2174.jpg 12 Nyon_03.01.12_2020.jpg 9 Bern_04.01.12_2180.jpg 9 Bern_04.01.12_2175.jpg 9 Bern_04.01.12_2169.jpg 9 Venice_01.01.12_2015.jpg 6 Venice_01.01.12_2006.jpg 6 Nyon_03.01.12_2021.jpg 6

January 1st, 2012I took the direct train from Geneva to Venice and explored the fascinating island city for several hours, before taking a convoluted overnight route back to Geneva via Milan, Chiasso, and Zurich.
Venice_01.01.12_1984.jpg 76 Venice_01.01.12_2015.jpg 6 Venice_01.01.12_2006.jpg 6 Venice_01.01.12_2014.jpg 5
Altavilla, ItalyAltavilla
3 images No videos Marks:
Brescia, ItalyBrescia
9 images No videos Marks:
Desenzano, ItalyDesenzano
5 images No videos Marks:
Domodossola, ItalyDomodossola
9 images No videos Marks:
Milan, ItalyMilan is a major city in nothern Italy.
15 images No videos Marks:
Montebello, ItalyMontebello
7 images No videos Marks:
Padova, ItalyPadova
5 images No videos Marks:
Peschiera, ItalyPescheria
7 images No videos Marks:
Rovato, ItalyRovato
7 images No videos Marks:
San Bonifacio, ItalySan Bonifacio
6 images No videos Marks:
Varzo, ItalyVarzo.
5 images No videos Marks:
Venice, ItalyVenice is a historic island city on the north-east coast of Italy known for its walkability (a large part of the island cannot be traversed by car) and its canal routes to get around the city.
101 images No videos Marks:
Verona, ItalyVerona
9 images No videos Marks:
Vicenza, ItalyVicenza.
4 images No videos Marks:
January 3rd, 2012We drove to Montreux to explore the scenic city.
Nyon_03.01.12_2020.jpg 9 Nyon_03.01.12_2021.jpg 6 Nyon_03.01.12_2025.jpg 5 Montreux_03.01.12_2118.jpg 4
Lausanne, SwitzerlandLausanne is between Geneva and Bern.
8 images No videos Marks:
Montreux is a beautufil small alpine city at the east end of Lac Lemac, the other end of which has Geneva.
112 images 1 videos Marks:
Nyon, SwitzerlandNyon is between Geneva and Lausanne.
5 images No videos Marks:
January 4th, 2012I took the train from Geneva to St. Moritz and back. At Bern, all photos the camera took were corrupt for the duration of my trip and I did not find out until getting back to Canada on January 7th. The photos lost stretched from Bern to St. Moritz on the 4th, a trip to Lyon and Grenoble, France, on the 5th, and a short tour of Geneva itself on the 6th on the way to the airport. Bug reports have been filed to both Canon and Nanogear, whose camera and 32GB card respectively failed to communicate passed the 8GB mark with all pictures being written as NULLs with no error generated. The immediate playback from the camera's memory worked so there was no hint of trouble until it was too late. Tragic. Photos of the viaduct and tunnel at Filisur are extracted from the video. Others may follow.
Bern_04.01.12_2172.jpg 59 Bern_04.01.12_2174.jpg 12 Bern_04.01.12_2180.jpg 9 Bern_04.01.12_2175.jpg 9
Bern, SwitzerlandBern is the capital of Switzerland.
10 images No videos Marks:
Chur, SwitzerlandChur is the base of the narrow gauge railway that runs up to St. Moritz and several other communities throughout the region and continues on to Italy through the high Alps.
No images 1 videos Marks:
Filisur, SwitzerlandThe site of one of the most impressive viaducts I've ever seen at Landwasser, Filisur is a junction point on the narrow gauge line from Chur to St. Moritz.
16 images No videos Marks:
Geneva, SwitzerlandGeneva is the southwestern most city in Switzerland, along the French border at the end of Lac Lemac, a beautiful, scenic lake in the Alps.
3 images No videos Marks:
Romont, SwitzerlandRomont is between Lausanne and Bern.
2 images No videos Marks:
January 5th, 2012I took the train from Geneva to Lyon, France, where the rain was too intense to leave the station. Half an hour and a sandwich later, I took the train on to Grenoble where the rain was not any better. After running protectively through the streets of the city, briefly admiring the intense clouds making ominous hazes of the surrounding mountains behind the cityscape, I took shelter under an underpass and watched the passing trains. As noted in my notes from January 4th, the photos my camera took were lost however I did take some video in Grenoble which is available.
Grenoble, FranceGrenoble is a university town southeast of Lyon and southwest of Geneva.
No images 1 videos Marks:

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