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Top photos from September 1st, 2007

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September 1st, 2007

I heard horns as a train entered Brattleboro but didn't have the scanner on and so had no warning. After a few minutes it became apparent that the train was still in town so I went down to check it out and found NECR #323 parked on the siding in town with no crew. It didn't leave until around 2 the next morning.

Brattleboro, Vermont

(map) This town is on the New England Central Railway track near the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont borders.

Brattleboro_01.09.07_7927.jpg 27 Brattleboro_01.09.07_7928.jpg 16 Brattleboro_01.09.07_7929.jpg 19 Brattleboro_01.09.07_7930.jpg 13 Brattleboro_01.09.07_7931.jpg 13 Brattleboro_01.09.07_7932.jpg 23 Brattleboro_01.09.07_7933.jpg 13 Brattleboro_01.09.07_7934.jpg 11 Brattleboro_01.09.07_7935.jpg 14