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Top photos from July 1st, 2007

Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6234.jpg 50 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6231.jpg 48 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6233.jpg 36 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6237.jpg 33 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6235.jpg 25 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6238.jpg 23 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6240.jpg 22 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6236.jpg 19 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6239.jpg 17 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6232.jpg 16

July 1st, 2007

Returning from Ottawa after 16 days of madness, we shot CP #221 and another sitting in Smith's Falls yard on the way through on VIA #45.

Smiths Falls, Ontario

(map) The junction of the Ottawa Valley Railway, the Ottawa Central Rail Road, the CP Brockville sub, the CP Belleville sub, and the CP Winchester sub is a busy place indeed. There is a large yard in the historical railway city, a museum, and all CP traffic between Montreal and Toronto, and Montreal and out West.

Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6231.jpg 48 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6232.jpg 16 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6233.jpg 36 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6234.jpg 50 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6235.jpg 25 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6236.jpg 19 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6237.jpg 33 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6238.jpg 23 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6239.jpg 17 Smiths_Falls_01.07.07_6240.jpg 22