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Top photos from June 1st, 2007

Glen_Robertson_01.06.07_4339.jpg 52 Glen_Robertson_01.06.07_4340.jpg 40 Glen_Robertson_01.06.07_4336.jpg 28 Glen_Robertson_01.06.07_4343.jpg 21 Glen_Robertson_01.06.07_4342.jpg 20 Glen_Robertson_01.06.07_4341.jpg 13

June 1st, 2007

We cut across through Hawksbury on our way to visit family, finding VIA #32 at Glen Robertson near Alexandria on the VIA Alexandria sub on the way through.

Glen_Robertson, Ontario

Glen Robertson is the junction of the OCRR's Hawksbury line and the VIA Alexandria sub, at mile 15 of the latter.

VIA #32 crosses the detector at mile 15 of the VIA Alexandria sub.

Glen_Robertson_01.06.07_4336.jpg 28 Glen_Robertson_01.06.07_4339.jpg 52 Glen_Robertson_01.06.07_4340.jpg 40 Glen_Robertson_01.06.07_4341.jpg 13 Glen_Robertson_01.06.07_4342.jpg 20 Glen_Robertson_01.06.07_4343.jpg 21