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Top photos from May 1st, 2003

Guelph_01.05.03_1713.jpg 91 Guelph_01.05.03_1719.jpg 67 Guelph_01.05.03_1718.jpg 48 Guelph_01.05.03_1715.jpg 45 Guelph_01.05.03_1720.jpg 42 Guelph_01.05.03_1714.jpg 37 Guelph_01.05.03_1721.jpg 36 Guelph_01.05.03_1716.jpg 31 Guelph_01.05.03_1722.jpg 29 Guelph_01.05.03_1717.jpg 28

May 1st, 2003

In the afternoon, I was heading to a store in downtown Guelph and saw GEXR 431 travelling through as I approached the tracks. Later in the evening, I went to a friend's house who had just moved trackside and we watched trains 88 and 89, a Via and an Amtrak, go through the city around 10:30 pm.

Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

Guelph_01.05.03_1713.jpg 91 Guelph_01.05.03_1714.jpg 37 Guelph_01.05.03_1715.jpg 45 Guelph_01.05.03_1716.jpg 31 Guelph_01.05.03_1717.jpg 28 Guelph_01.05.03_1718.jpg 48 Guelph_01.05.03_1719.jpg 67 Guelph_01.05.03_1720.jpg 42 Guelph_01.05.03_1721.jpg 36 Guelph_01.05.03_1722.jpg 29

Via train number 89 heads West out of Guelph well after ten at night.