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Today's random implausible lashup: UP 4012-HLCX 6329-GBRF 66714

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ChanguaChanghua is the next county south of Taichung on the west coast of Taiwan. It is the home of one of the few remaining operating mainline roundhouses in the world.
HoulongHoulong is in Miaoli County between Taoyuan City and Taichung City on the west coast of Taiwan.
HsinchuHsinchu is the home of the Hsichu Science and Industrial Park, the epicentre of Taiwan's massive high tech industry.
KaohsiungKaohsiung is the large, historic port city in the southwest corner of Taiwan.
TaichungTaichung is in about the middle of the country on the west coast.
TainanTainan is the former capital of Taiwan and is the oldest city in the country, just north of the port city of Kaohsiung on the west coast.
TaipeiTaipei is the capital of Taiwan in the north of the country.
TaoyuanTaoyuan is to the west of Taipei and is home of Taipei's main airport.
YunlinYunlin county is about half way between Tainan and Taichung on the west coast of Taiwan.