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New York, USA

AmsterdamAmsterdam is on the outskirts of the Albany area to the west where the CSX and Amtrak lines fork to enter the state capital region.
Angola(map) In the township of Evans, New York are the towns of Angola and Derby where the CSX Chicago line parallels a somewhat quieter NS track between nearby Buffalo, NY and Chicago, IL. A great spot for shooting both of these is at Sturgeon Point Road, with plenty of warning from talking defect detectors, CTC signals and headlights.
AvonAvon is between Lakeville and Henrietta on the LAL.
Bainbridge(map) Bainbridge is a small town a few miles west of Sidney, New York, on I-88 around 20 miles east of Binghamton.
Binghamton(map) Binghamton is the site of the interchange of the NYSW, D&H, and NS near the New York-Pennsylvania border. While there are several yards in the city and a number of tracks, most are largely inaccessible.
CaledoniaCaledonia is the junction of the Genesee and Wyoming and the Genesee and Wyoming-owned Rochester Southern a few miles south-west of Rochester, New York.
CambridgeCambridge is along the Batten Kill just north of their connection with the Guilford.
ClydeClyde is just to the east of Lyons on the CSX about half way between Rochester and Syracuse, New York.
CorfuCorfu is a small town just to the east of Batavia on the CSX main.
DelansonDelanson is on the Delaware and Hudson a few miles to the south-west of Albany. It's also the junction point for an obscure new shortline.
Depew(map) This is at or near the Buffalo-Depew Amtrak train station in upstate New York, near the Canadian border.
Dunkirk(map) The former Conrail Buffalo-Chicago now operated by CSX runs along the coast of Lake Erie through the town of Dunkirk, outside which is an excellent photographic overpass for the CSX line. The nearby Nickel Plate, now NS, line is a bit further South.
FalconerFalconer is the home of the Western New York and Pennsylvania's shops near Jamestown.
Gang Mills(map) Gang Mills is right beside Painted Post and Corning on the NS, around half way between Binghamton and Rochester. NS forks here and the Wellsborough and Corning shortline passes just South of NS' Gang Mills yard.
GenevaGeneva is the home of the Finger Lakes Railway, due south of Lyons.
GowandaGowanda is the home of NYLE's excursions and is the interchange point between the BSOR and the NYLE.
HamburgHamburg is just outside of Buffalo to the south-west and is the home to Buffalo Southern's not particularly accessible power line-up.
HenriettaHenrietta is a large suburb of Rochester to its immediate south.
Hoosick JunctionHoosick Junction is along the Guilford northeast of Albany. The line connecting to Bennington and the Vermont Rail System there originates here.
IndustryIndustry is the home of the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad Museum along the LAL.
JacksonJackson encompasses Shushan and The Plains and is along the Batten Kill railroad between Cambridge and Greenwich Junction (Salem).
KnowlesvilleKnowlesville is along the Falls Road between Medina and Albion a few miles to the west of Rochester.
Lackawanna(map) Lackawanna is immediately south of Buffalo and hosts Buffalo and Pittsburgh, Buffalo Southern, NS, and CSX tracks.
LafayetteLafayette is just north of Syracuse on the I-81 along the NYSW.
LakevilleLakeville is the home of the Livonia, Avon, and Lakeville, which runs from Lakeville to Rochester.
LockportLockport is the junction of the CSX and the Falls Road just to the east of Buffalo.
Lyons(map) Lyons is a few miles South of Geneva, New York, linked by an NS track from the town's ex-Conrail CSX main line to the Finger Lakes Railway.
MedinaMedina is along the Falls Road about half way between Buffalo and Rochester.
MiddleportMiddleport is between Lockport and Medina on the Falls Road.
Mount Morris(map) Mount Morris is the junction of the Gennessee and Wyoming, and Dansville and Mount Morris shortlines, about 45 minutes south of Rochester on I-390.
NewarkNewark is the junction of the Ontario Midland and the CSX.
North ChiliNorth Chili is a suburb of Rochester to the southwest along the CSX.
Plattsburgh(map) Plattsburgh is just south of the Canadian border on I-87.
RomeRome is between Oneida and Utica on the CSX. Its industrial tracks are serviced by the Mohawk, Adirondack, and Northern.
Rouses PointRouses Point is on the D&H at the border of Quebec, Vermont, and New York.
Salamanca(map) Salamanca hosts a small yard on the Buffalo and Pittsburg (GNWR), and is an apparently-disused interchange point with the Western New York and Pennsylvania.
SalemSalem is at the northern tip of the Batten Kill railroad and hosts Greenwich Junction.
Schenectady(map) Schenectady is adjacent to New York State capital Albany and is crawling with train tracks owned by the D&H (CP), CSX, and Springfield Terminal (Guilford) -- and people.
Selkirk(map) Selkirk is the home of one of CSX's largest, if not particularly accessible, yards, near Albany.
Seneca Falls(map) Seneca Falls is between Geneva and Syracuse, New York on the Finger Lakes Railway.
SodusSodus is the home of the Ontario Midland.
StanwixStanwix is the home of Reber Rd, a decent spot to sit and watch the CSX line between Utica and Rome. The Mohawk, Adirondack, and Northern runs over the CSX from Utica to Rome by this point.
SyracuseSyracuse is between Rochester and Utica on the CSX Buffalo line, and is also the connection point for the CSX Montreal sub which goes to Coteau near Montreal.
Utica(map) Utica is the home of the New York, Susquehanna, and Western Railway shops, a scenic railway, the CSX, and at least one more shortline operator, situated about an hour West of Albany.
VoorheesvilleVoorheesville is the other end of a short line on the old Delaware and Hudson Albany line where it junctions with the CSX. It's also the site of a large food terminal and is close to CSX Selkirk yard.
WatertownWatertown is the first major community south of the Canada-US border on the I-81, with some CSX traffic.
Westfield(map) Westfield is along the NS and CSX lines between Buffalo and Chicago near the border with Pennsylvania.
WhitehallWhitehall is the junction point of the CLP, a Vermont Rail System railway, and the Delaware and Hundson, now CP, just across the VT/NY border from Rutland.