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January 4th, 2017

We arrived in San Francisco for a few days vacation and immediately went to the Golden Gate Bridge.


January 5th, 2017

We explored downtown San Francisco's streetcars and cablecars.


January 6th, 2017

We travelled around the Bay to Mountain View and up the other side to Oakland to check out the USS Hornet and Jack London Square.


January 9th, 2017

Disneyland! Because, we're already here... interesting train systems in the park.


January 10th, 2017

We went to explore the Cajon Pass for two hours. We were not disappointed!


April 20th, 2017

We traveled to the Industrial Technology Research Institute and the Hsinchu Science and Innovation Park, some of the many highly effective innovation centres in Taiwan.


April 21st, 2017

We traveled from Taipei to Kaohsiung on the Taiwanese bullet train.


April 22nd 2017

We woke up in Tainan and worked our way north to Changhua to see the roundhouse before returning on the bullet train to Taipei from Taichung.


April 23rd, 2017

One last train on the way to the airport to come back to Canada.


May 22nd, 2017

I traveled up to Manicouagan to talk about rural issues and admired the QNSL as we came in for landing in Sept-Iles.


May 23rd, 2017

I traveled up to Manicouagan to the local community about rural issues, and took a few moments at Sept-Iles yard on the way by between meetings.


August 16th, 2017

We caught the QGRY coming into Gatineau on our way back to the riding.


August 30th, 2017

In Alma for Quebec caucus, I heard a horn from the hotel and we followed the Roberval-Saguenay to Saint-Bruno and back to the plant in Alma.


August 31st, 2017

Mishiel heard the RS passing and took pictures of it from the hotel room window.


September 1st, 2017

Moments before leaving Alma to head for home, we caught one last Roberval Saguenay run from the hotel.


November 4th, 2017

On the way back from a family party in Brockville, we chased on odd sounding horn to Cardinal.


November 18th, 2017

VIA #26 Ottawa to Montreal.


November 27th, 2017

Mishiel went to Smiths Falls for the CP Holiday Train.


December 25th, 2017

I took VIA 35 from Dorval to Ottawa behind wreck-rebuild unit 6459.