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March 29th, 2003

This was a routine trip to the Bayview Junction area, though we were lucky and caught a foreign unit leading an Automax train up the CP Hamilton sub.


Waterdown, Ontario

(map) This town is at the top of the hill coming out of Hamilton on the CP Hamilton sub.

A short local train is just out of sight but loud and clear finishing the long, rough climb up the escarpment out of Hamilton on the CP Hamilton sub.

2003-03-29.0519.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0520.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0521.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0522.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0523.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0525.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0526.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0527.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0528.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0529.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0530.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0531.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0532.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0533.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0534.Waterdown.jpg 2003-03-29.0536.Waterdown.jpg


June 10th, 2003

CP 2816, Canadian Pacific's restored Hudson-class steam engine, travelled from Hamilton to London chased by hundreds of railfans.

2003-06-10.2606.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2607.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2608.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2609.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2610.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2611.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2612.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2614.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2615.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2616.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2617.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2619.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2620.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2621.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2622.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2623.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2624.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2625.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2626.Waterdown.jpg 2003-06-10.2627.Waterdown.jpg


July 1st, 2003

Canada Day 2003, we went on a large circle route catching both CP and CN over the course of several hours.

2003-07-01.3287.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3288.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3289.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3290.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3291.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3292.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3293.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3294.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3295.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3296.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3297.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3298.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3299.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3300.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3301.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3302.Waterdown.jpg 2003-07-01.3303.Waterdown.jpg


March 6th, 2007

D&H 7304 led CP #255. I chased it from Waterdown to Guelph Junction, and chased OSR from Guelph Junction back to Guelph on the way home.

2007-03-06.0657.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0658.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0659.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0660.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0661.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0662.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0663.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0664.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0665.Waterdown.jpg

CP #255 with D&H 7304 crosses 5th Concession near Waterdown.

2007-03-06.0666.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0667.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0668.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0669.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0670.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0671.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0672.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0673.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0674.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0675.Waterdown.jpg 2007-03-06.0676.Waterdown.jpg