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December 21st, 2005

We got up in Bangor a little later than we'd have liked and headed up to Brownville Junction to see what we could find. We just missed MMA 8569, a freshly painted MMA unit, heading into the shops at Derby, but caught 2 MMA F40s and a variety of other interesting trains including NBSR over the course of the day in the area. We also met two area railfans who guided us through the day, and without whom we would not have caught much of what we saw, so thanks Kevin and Matt!


Hermon, Maine

(map) Hermon is just South-West of Bangor and hosts the MMA Northern Maine Junction with the Guilford as well as MMA's RTC and offices.

2005-12-21.0255.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0256.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0257.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0258.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0259.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0260.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0261.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0262.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0263.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0264.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0265.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0266.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0267.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0268.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0269.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0270.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0271.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0272.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0273.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0274.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0275.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0276.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0277.Hermon.jpg 2005-12-21.0278.Hermon.jpg