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July 1st, 2003

Canada Day 2003, we went on a large circle route catching both CP and CN over the course of several hours.


Ayr, Ontario

(map) Ayr is between Wolverton and Cambridge on the CP Galt sub and houses a small backtrack yard and the Ayr Pit Spur.

2003-07-01.3433.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3434.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3435.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3436.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3437.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3438.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3439.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3440.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3441.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3442.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3443.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3444.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3445.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3446.Ayr.jpg 2003-07-01.3447.Ayr.jpg


October 19th, 2005

CP's TEC train ran on the Galt and Windsor subs, inspecting and handing out general bulletin orders. I caught it at Ayr after it got held in the hole at Orr's Lake to allow CP #243 by it.

CP #243, 9550 West crosses Reidsville Road just outside of Ayr.

2005-10-19.2500.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2501.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2502.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2503.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2504.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2505.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2506.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2507.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2508.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2509.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2510.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2511.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2512.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2513.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2514.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2515.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2516.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2517.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2519.Ayr.jpg

CP 8217 West, the maroon coloured Track Evaluation Car (TEC) train crosses Reidsville Rd just East of Ayr.

2005-10-19.2520.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2521.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2522.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2523.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2524.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2525.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2526.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2527.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2528.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2529.Ayr.jpg 2005-10-19.2530.Ayr.jpg


November 19th, 2005

Steve and I headed down to Guelph Junction to catch a short Hamilton sub rush there, then proceed to Paris Junction where we caught NS #327 with a BNSF war bonnet leading and around 55 cars and a variety of other interesting trains, then caught CP #424 at East switch Wolverton (Ayr) and CP #423 near West switch Puslinch with two GP9s leading a mixed train.

CP #424 heads down the main at Wolverton siding.

2005-11-19.5343.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5344.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5345.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5346.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5347.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5348.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5349.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5350.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5351.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5352.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5353.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5354.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5355.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5356.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5357.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5358.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5359.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5360.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5361.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5362.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5363.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5364.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5365.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5366.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5367.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5368.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5369.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5370.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5371.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5372.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5373.Ayr.jpg 2005-11-19.5374.Ayr.jpg


December 31st, 2005

Acting on a tip from further up the line, we mobilised for an interesting leader on London Pickup, making for a very nice conclusion to 2005...

London Pickup enters Ayr as we all scramble to get our cameras ready, having only barely arrived on time.

2005-12-31.1311.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1312.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1313.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1314.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1315.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1316.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1317.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1318.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1319.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1320.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1321.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1322.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1323.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1324.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1325.Ayr.jpg 2005-12-31.1326.Ayr.jpg


February 25th, 2006

After a two-week long train hiatus we finally went out on a bad day but caught several interesting trains, starting with CN #396 parked at Paris Junction. CN #271 had a CSX C44-9W on it but was obstructed perfectly by CN #382.

CP #159 approaches Ayr with a pair of AC4400s leading.

2006-02-25.5521.Ayr.jpg 2006-02-25.5522.Ayr.jpg 2006-02-25.5523.Ayr.jpg 2006-02-25.5524.Ayr.jpg 2006-02-25.5525.Ayr.jpg 2006-02-25.5526.Ayr.jpg 2006-02-25.5527.Ayr.jpg 2006-02-25.5528.Ayr.jpg 2006-02-25.5529.Ayr.jpg 2006-02-25.5530.Ayr.jpg 2006-02-25.5531.Ayr.jpg 2006-02-25.5532.Ayr.jpg


March 18th, 2006

We headed down to Paris for the day to see what was in store. The tracks weren't exactly busy, but the trains that did come through on CN had plenty to offer. We shot CP #147 at Ayr on the way with a GEVO and 45 autoracks, then saw CN #410, NS #327, CN #394, VIA #72 and #73, VIA #148 with 7 units, #399, #271 and #393 together, #385, VIA #76, and CN #330.

CP #147 comes through Ayr with the distinct horn of a GEVO.

2006-03-18.6605.Ayr.jpg 2006-03-18.6606.Ayr.jpg 2006-03-18.6607.Ayr.jpg 2006-03-18.6608.Ayr.jpg 2006-03-18.6609.Ayr.jpg 2006-03-18.6610.Ayr.jpg 2006-03-18.6611.Ayr.jpg 2006-03-18.6612.Ayr.jpg 2006-03-18.6613.Ayr.jpg 2006-03-18.6614.Ayr.jpg 2006-03-18.6615.Ayr.jpg


April 8th, 2006

We went down to Paris for the day. It was relatively quiet, with long lulls and little interesting power. On the way home, we caught CP #243 at Ayr and after dinner I caught VIA #87 with 6411 leading in Guelph.

2006-04-08.7872.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7873.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7874.Ayr.jpg

CP #243 crosses Reidsville Road with several long cuts of new MWAX and CMO freight cars.

2006-04-08.7875.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7876.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7877.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7878.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7879.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7880.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7881.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7882.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7883.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7884.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7885.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7886.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7887.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7888.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7889.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7890.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7891.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7892.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7893.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7894.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7895.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7896.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7897.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7898.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7899.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7900.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7901.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7902.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7903.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7904.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7905.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7906.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7907.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7908.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-08.7909.Ayr.jpg


April 15th, 2006

We went down to Copetown to start the day and ended up moving around over the next 11 hours or so, catching 15 trains. Not bad for a holiday weekend!

CP #152 passes Wolverton siding with a GEVO trailing.

2006-04-15.8397.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8398.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8399.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8400.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8401.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8402.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8403.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8404.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8405.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8406.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8407.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8408.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8409.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8410.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8411.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8412.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8413.Ayr.jpg

CP #525 Ham Turn crosses Alps Road with 2 freshly painted GP9us.

2006-04-15.8417.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8418.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8419.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8420.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8421.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8422.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8423.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8424.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8425.Ayr.jpg

CP #525 Ham Turn backs into the back track at Ayr to leave cars while working the Ayr Pit spur.

2006-04-15.8426.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8427.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8428.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8429.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8430.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8431.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8432.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8433.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8434.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8435.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8436.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8437.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8438.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8439.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8440.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8441.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8442.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8443.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8444.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8445.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8446.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8447.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8448.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8449.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8450.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8451.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8452.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8453.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8454.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8455.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8456.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8457.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8458.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8459.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8460.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8461.Ayr.jpg

CP #243 brings another fresh load of NSC cars west through Ayr.

2006-04-15.8462.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8463.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8464.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8465.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8466.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8467.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8468.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8469.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8470.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8471.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8472.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8473.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8474.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8475.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8476.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8477.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8478.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8479.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8480.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8481.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8482.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8483.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8484.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8485.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8486.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8487.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8488.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8489.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8490.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8491.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8492.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8493.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8494.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8495.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8496.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8497.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8498.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8499.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8500.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8501.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8502.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8503.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8504.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8505.Ayr.jpg

CP #423 brings a load of autoracks west through Ayr.

2006-04-15.8506.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8507.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8508.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8509.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8510.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8511.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8512.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8513.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8514.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8515.Ayr.jpg 2006-04-15.8516.Ayr.jpg


November 24th, 2006

I picked up Chris at 08:10 and we headed for Bayview... we were quickly distracted by a northbound clearance on the Hamilton sub for CP #255, 8809 North, which we got at Guelph Junction with CP #159 passing behind it. Then we went to Bayview, where we caught a backhoe doing comical manouevers, CN #392, #421, VIA #73 with 6414, the Lotto Quebec engine, CN #271 with a UP trailing, VIA #72, CN #385, grabbed lunch, migrated to Paris and caught CN #385 again. CN #330 came next with CN 8004 on point, followed shortly by CN #331 and CN #398. CN #332 pulled up to the crossing for a crew change, VIA #76 passed, and CN #390 with a real WC leader pulled up to the signals at Paris Junction to wait for CN #435 and VIA #75. We caught London Pickup at Ayr on the way home. Not a bad day, all told!

CP London Pickup crosses through Ayr, wrapping up an altogether great day.


December 17th, 2006

We got up well before dawn to arrive at Paris on time for the two endangered NS trains in spite of poor weather. NS #328 showed up with two cars exactly at sunrise, followed by VIA #70, #71, CN #391 with interesting power, CN #148, and NS #327 with a conrail-painted leader. We headed up to Ayr and caught CP #159 followed shortly by CP #257, a single unit light power, before heading to Breslau for VIA #85 and GEXR #432... which chose this day to not run.

CP #159 crosses Reidsville Rd outside Ayr.

2006-12-17.7524.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7525.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7526.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7527.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7528.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7529.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7530.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7531.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7532.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7533.Ayr.jpg

CP #257 crosses Reidsville Rd outside Ayr with one new GEVO, light power.

2006-12-17.7535.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7536.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7537.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7538.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7539.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7540.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7541.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7542.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7543.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7544.Ayr.jpg 2006-12-17.7545.Ayr.jpg


March 18th, 2007

While Shane reported 13 trains with foreign power through the day, I caught only 5 trains and none of them with foreign power: CP #257, #242, #424, #243, and CN #271, the latter of which passed through Paris during the 15 minutes in the day the sun was not out.

CP #243 crosses a field at Wolverton siding.

2007-03-18.1530.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1531.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1532.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1533.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1534.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1535.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1536.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1537.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1538.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1539.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1540.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1541.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1542.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1543.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1544.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1545.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1546.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1547.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1548.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1549.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1550.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1551.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1552.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1553.Ayr.jpg


May 20th, 2007

I went to Bayview for CN X388, a Schnabel extra, on incorrect information before diverting to Paris where I found it parked unshootable in the yard parked for the night. Watch for it tomorrow. In the hour I was there, I shot VIA #675 meeting CN #392 and #435, CN #330, and CP #158 at Ayr on the way home.

CP #158 crosses Reisville Rd seconds after we arrive.

2007-05-20.3785.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-20.3786.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-20.3787.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-20.3788.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-20.3789.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-20.3790.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-20.3791.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-20.3792.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-20.3793.Ayr.jpg


May 28th, 2007

I went to Jones Baseline for VIA #84 with the unit nicknamed 'the turd', down to Guelph Junction mileboard for CP #426 with 5911 big bulti, across to Milton for CN #148, off to Ayr for CP #159, #243, #424, London Pickup, and Paris for CN #331, #393, #76, #396, #382, #75.

CP #159 crosses the detector at 64.0 and Reidsville Rd.

2007-05-28.4188.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4189.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4190.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4191.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4192.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4193.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4194.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4195.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4196.Ayr.jpg

CP #243 passes a field of cows on the approach to Wolverton siding.

2007-05-28.4198.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4199.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4200.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4201.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4202.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4203.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4204.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4205.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4206.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4208.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4209.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4210.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4211.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4212.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4213.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4214.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4215.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4216.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4217.Ayr.jpg

CP #424 passes Wolverton siding as impatient drivers floor it to get through the crossing signals ahead of the train.

2007-05-28.4218.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4219.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4220.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4221.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4222.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4223.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4224.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4225.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4226.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4227.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4228.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4229.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4230.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4231.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4232.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4233.Ayr.jpg

CP London Pickup passes Wolverton siding.

2007-05-28.4234.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4235.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4236.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4237.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4238.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4239.Ayr.jpg 2007-05-28.4240.Ayr.jpg


June 9th, 2007

We went to Puslinch for CPs 147, 240, 142, 198, across to mile 30 for CN 435 and 384, up to Georgetown for lunch and CN 422, GEXR 432, CN 392 and 393, back to Guelph Junction for CP 424, another 198, 141, and 243 with two UPY GenSets and across to Ayr for 243 setting off those same UPY GenSets for a reason that remains a mystery to me and London Pickup, catching CP 241 at mileboard Killean on the way home.

CP #243 sets off UPY 2689 and UPY 2690 at Ayr passing track.

2007-06-09.4935.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4936.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4937.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4938.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4939.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4940.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4941.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4942.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4943.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4944.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4945.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4946.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4947.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4948.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4949.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4950.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4951.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4952.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4953.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4954.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4955.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4956.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4957.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4958.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4959.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4960.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4961.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4962.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4963.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4964.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4965.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4966.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4967.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4968.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4969.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4970.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4971.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4972.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4973.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4974.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4975.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4976.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4977.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4978.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4979.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4980.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4981.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4982.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4983.Ayr.jpg

CP London pickup passes UPY 2690 and UPY 2689 at Ayr.

2007-06-09.4984.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4985.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4986.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4987.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4988.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4989.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4990.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4991.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4992.Ayr.jpg 2007-06-09.4993.Ayr.jpg


March 14th, 2009

I went to Wolverton to see the new yard there, just missing 152 and T69. Heard T69 switching at Ayr and went for it there, barely catching it, then headed to Paris, just missing 385, then to Killean for T69 one more time on the way home.

2009-03-14.5969.Ayr.jpg 2009-03-14.5970.Ayr.jpg 2009-03-14.5971.Ayr.jpg 2009-03-14.5972.Ayr.jpg 2009-03-14.5973.Ayr.jpg 2009-03-14.5974.Ayr.jpg 2009-03-14.5975.Ayr.jpg