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January 8th, 2020

Traveling from Orlando to Miami, we stopped at Port Salerno to see the spot where I started watching trains (unsuccessfully) up close as a kid. This time, we did catch one northbound.


Stuart, Florida

Stuart is in Martin County on the FEC and home to a peculiar roundabout with the railway through the middle and the Stuart drawbridge on the railway, both of which I have not yet photographed but have seen.

We couldn't find an angle to see the draw bridge on time and settled for a crossing just south of it in Stuart for what turned out to be a light power move.

2020-01-08.8102.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8103.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8104.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8105.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8106.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8107.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8108.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8109.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8110.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8111.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8112.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8113.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8114.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8115.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8116.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8117.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8200.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8203.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8206.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8209.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8212.Stuart-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.8215.Stuart-FL.jpg


Port Salerno, Florida

Port Salerno is a smaller community in Martin County and is where it all began for me. As a kid, my grandparents had a condo at Emerald Lakes on SE Cove Road where they wintered. Every Christmas, we would drive down as a family to visit them, and whenever I could I would take the bike down to the crossing and wait, hoping for a train on the FEC tracks. In all my Christmas holidays of doing that, I never once saw a train there, though did once chat with a track foreman who got off to inspect why his truck had triggered the crossing gates. All night long I would hear trains pass and so the next day I would try again...

2020-01-08.9118.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9119.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9120.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9121.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9122.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9123.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9124.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9130.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg

A Florida East Coast manifest freight crosses Cove Rd northbound in Port Salerno, Florida - my daughter's video.

A Florida East Coast manifest freight crosses Cove Rd northbound in Port Salerno, Florida.

2020-01-08.9131.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9132.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9133.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9134.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9135.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9136.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9137.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9138.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9139.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9140.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9141.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9142.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9143.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9144.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9145.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9146.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9147.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9148.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9149.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9150.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9151.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9152.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9153.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9154.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9155.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9156.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9157.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9158.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9159.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9160.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9161.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9162.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9163.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9164.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9165.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg 2020-01-08.9166.Port_Salerno-FL.jpg