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March 18th, 2007

While Shane reported 13 trains with foreign power through the day, I caught only 5 trains and none of them with foreign power: CP #257, #242, #424, #243, and CN #271, the latter of which passed through Paris during the 15 minutes in the day the sun was not out.


Killean, Ontario

(map) This is CP's name for the passing track at Cambridge on the CP Galt sub.

2007-03-18.1492.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1493.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1494.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1495.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1496.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1497.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1498.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1499.Killean.jpg

CP #242 heads over the crossing at 51.90 Galt sub en route to Toronto.

2007-03-18.1500.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1501.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1502.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1503.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1504.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1505.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1506.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1507.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1508.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1509.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1510.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1511.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1512.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1513.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1514.Killean.jpg 2007-03-18.1515.Killean.jpg


Cambridge, Ontario

(map) Cambridge is the home of Babcock and Wilcox, Toyota, the CP Waterloo sub, the CP Galt sub, the CN ex-Fergus sub and a lot of trains.

CP #424 comes down the hill out of Orr's Lake.

2007-03-18.1516.Cambridge.jpg 2007-03-18.1517.Cambridge.jpg 2007-03-18.1518.Cambridge.jpg 2007-03-18.1519.Cambridge.jpg 2007-03-18.1520.Cambridge.jpg 2007-03-18.1521.Cambridge.jpg 2007-03-18.1522.Cambridge.jpg 2007-03-18.1523.Cambridge.jpg 2007-03-18.1524.Cambridge.jpg 2007-03-18.1525.Cambridge.jpg 2007-03-18.1526.Cambridge.jpg 2007-03-18.1527.Cambridge.jpg 2007-03-18.1528.Cambridge.jpg


Ayr, Ontario

(map) Ayr is between Wolverton and Cambridge on the CP Galt sub and houses a small backtrack yard and the Ayr Pit Spur.

CP #243 crosses a field at Wolverton siding.

2007-03-18.1530.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1531.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1532.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1533.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1534.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1535.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1536.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1537.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1538.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1539.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1540.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1541.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1542.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1543.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1544.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1545.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1546.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1547.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1548.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1549.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1550.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1551.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1552.Ayr.jpg 2007-03-18.1553.Ayr.jpg


Paris, Ontario

(map) Paris is just West of Brantford on the CN Dundas sub and was once the site of the junction between the Dundas sub and the completely defunct Drumbo sub that connected Paris and Stratford. There's also a large trestle in Paris.

CN #271 crosses through the signal bridge at Paris Junction during the 5 minute time block in which the sun was not out.

2007-03-18.1554.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1555.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1556.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1557.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1558.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1559.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1560.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1561.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1562.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1563.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1564.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1565.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1566.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1567.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1569.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1570.Paris.jpg 2007-03-18.1571.Paris.jpg