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January 17th, 2004

Steve, Chris, Paul, and I headed to Guelph Junction, Milton, Oakville, Burlington West, back to Guelph Junction, and then home in a great circle route of train tracks and hobby shops. The second stop at Guelph Junction yielded an SD90/43MAC doubling the escarpment grade.


Milton, Ontario

(map) This is where the CN Halton and the CP Galt subs cross eachother, though there is no junction.

2004-01-17.6692.Milton.jpg 2004-01-17.6693.Milton.jpg 2004-01-17.6694.Milton.jpg 2004-01-17.6695.Milton.jpg 2004-01-17.6696.Milton.jpg


Oakville, Ontario

(map) Oakville has a large Ford plant and is the site of the Oakville sub.

2004-01-17.6697.Oakville.jpg 2004-01-17.6698.Oakville.jpg

A local autoparts train heads through a grade crossing.

2004-01-17.6700.Oakville.jpg 2004-01-17.6701.Oakville.jpg 2004-01-17.6702.Oakville.jpg 2004-01-17.6703.Oakville.jpg


Aldershot, Ontario

(map) This is the region between the (abandonned) Burlington West train station and Bayview Junction.

2004-01-17.6704.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6705.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6706.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6707.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6708.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6709.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6710.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6711.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6712.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6713.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6714.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6715.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6716.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6717.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6718.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6719.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6720.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6721.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6722.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6723.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6724.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6725.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6726.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6727.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6728.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6729.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6730.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6731.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6732.Aldershot.jpg 2004-01-17.6733.Aldershot.jpg


Burlington West, Ontario

(map) This is between Burlington and Aldershot on the CN Oakville sub, where the CN Halton sub merges in.

2004-01-17.6734.Burlington_West.jpg 2004-01-17.6735.Burlington_West.jpg 2004-01-17.6736.Burlington_West.jpg 2004-01-17.6737.Burlington_West.jpg 2004-01-17.6738.Burlington_West.jpg 2004-01-17.6739.Burlington_West.jpg 2004-01-17.6740.Burlington_West.jpg 2004-01-17.6741.Burlington_West.jpg 2004-01-17.6742.Burlington_West.jpg 2004-01-17.6743.Burlington_West.jpg 2004-01-17.6744.Burlington_West.jpg 2004-01-17.6745.Burlington_West.jpg


Guelph Junction, Ontario

(map) Technically Campbellville, Guelph Junction is the junction of the Guelph Junction Railway -- currently serviced by OSR -- the CP Hamilton sub, and the CP Galt sub. It is between Milton and Galt on the CP Galt sub.

2004-01-17.6746.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6747.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6748.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6749.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6750.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6751.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6752.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6753.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6754.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6755.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6756.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6757.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6758.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6759.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6760.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6761.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6763.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6764.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6765.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6766.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6767.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6768.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6769.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2004-01-17.6770.Guelph_Junction.jpg