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CP #222 pulls out of Ypres after returning to its train from Spence with a new GO MP40 in the consist.


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Ypres, Ontario

Ypres is the first siding north of Alliston, at around mile 51 of the Mactier sub.

May 27th, 2007

We went to Palgrave for CP 222-25 with the MPEX 601 (new GO MP40), working our way north to Alliston waiting to hear it come. It did come, after many hours, in a rain storm. We got it at Ypres and again at Spence (Alliston Honda storage yard), but were not able to get it again further south as he was a straight shot to Toronto yard. We also got the SSR at the start of the day and GEXR #431 when we got back to Guelph.

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