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Our SPT train comes to a stop at Wemyss Bay station for our transfer to the ferry to Rothesay, before returning to the train a couple of hours later.


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Wemyss Bay, Scotland

(map) Wemyss Bay is on the west coast of Scotland and hosts the Wemyss Bay-Rothesay ferry that connects the Isle of Bute to the Scottish mainland via a direct train-ferry connection that even shares the same ticket to get all the way through.

June 20th, 2007

One day each DebConf the conference organisers come up with a day trip. This year 154 of us went to the Isle of Bute by train, leading to a series of entertainingly overcrowded trains on the journey. I shot out the window of the train and at the stations where we stopped and have rather liberally described the locations where those photos were taken as Edinburgh to half way to Glasgow, Glasgow covering up to Port Glasgow, and Wemyss Bay, the ferry transfer point to the island, for everything west of Port Glasgow.

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