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Today's random implausible lashup: CP 5843-HLCX 6248-CSXT 7876-EGRY 2154-CP 1691-CN 5419-CP 1609-EWS 67029-GNER 91116

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Camera make and model:BlackBerry Classic
Exposure length:3221/1000000 ( 0.003221 )"
F-stop:2200/1000 ( 2.2 )
Focal length:4100/1000 exif:FocalLengthIn35mmFilm=31 ()
ISO speed:100
Timestamp:2016:05:24 13:01:17

Toronto, Ontario

(map) The capital of Ontario, this city has a number of very busy lines and yards on both the CP and CN networks.

May 24th, 2016

I took Via from Ottawa to Toronto to connect with Via #1 to Winnipeg.

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